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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Crimson Baron, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. dra6o0n

    dra6o0n Cursed Skull

    If water can be gathered, I want to gather lava too...

    Not without magical items that is...

    Maybe some sort of time stasis container you can use to put lava in, since it will freeze them in time and it won't melt the container, unless its outside the box and is dropped into the lava.
  2. sting_auer

    sting_auer Demon Eye

    Check out my machinery thread. it offers methods of moving water using machinery, as well as moving lava.

    I would like ways to move stuff without power though. Buckets anyone?

    Actually, I would like buckets, barrels, and glass containers of 3 different sizes that can harvest fluids, then let you throw them, splattering that fluid all around the impact point. Fill a large glass container with oil, then craft it with a torch, and you get a firebomb.

    Also, fill a glass container with magma. Very Dwarf fortressy (magma solves everything!)

    By the way, you are going to be hearing lots of dwarf fortress and minecraft references from me. :3
  3. Ivyunvme

    Ivyunvme Green Slime

    I agree with the OP i think there should be a pipe system (like in the DF. awesome game by the way). but you would need to first make gears from rarer ores that you can only find very deep down. and it would have to be hand powered so you wouldnt be able to flood many places
  4. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

    Alluvian_Est-Endrati Green Slime

    Water moving would be nice, even if it is only for an aesthetic purpose. If water ever ends up being actually useful for anything, moving it would become all the more important.

    I would be fond of technological ways to move water myself: Buckets, pipe systems and so forth. I would like to see a magical spell that could create a small amount of water. A water-moving spell would be nice as well, if it were one that used mana over time.
  5. ReaperOfDeath

    ReaperOfDeath Green Slime

    I've got a great idea. WATER SLIDES! Pipes transport water from a underground/above ground source, towards a very high slide, which has constant water flow, as pipes also suck the water which is collected at the bottom of the slide!

  6. sting_auer

    sting_auer Demon Eye

    If you check out my machinery thread, it also gives a use for moving water. You can create waterwheels, or oil/coal powered motors, as well as windmills, which create mechanical energy. The mechanical energy can be transferred with axles, just like in Dwarf Fortress. If you attach a powered axle to a generator, it get turned into electrical energy. I'm not going to bother explaining it all here. The rest of the info is in the thread. There are several uses for moving water in my thread.
  7. Crimson Baron

    Crimson Baron Dark Caster

    Added jars as a more efficient way to carry water than bottles, also creating another use for clay.
  8. Crusty Cracker

    Crusty Cracker Green Slime

    Since an infinite water source in this game would mean armageddon, I think that water emitters like pipes or so would emit water like normal, but as soon as it hits the ground it doesn't spread, there's just some kind of a "sprinkle" animation, it like splatters into small water drops as if it instantly goes into the earth. This way you would have the decoration without flooding the whole world.
  9. DrMcDave

    DrMcDave Green Slime


    an enchanted vaccum/backpack comination.

    aim cursor at body of water, right click and if you are close enough then up to 100 tiles of water will be sucked into your pack. A light on the back signifies the capacity of the tank:

    Blue: Empty

    Green: Pack is less than half-filled

    Amber: Tank is more than half-filled

    Red: Tank is Full

    Simply aim in the direction you want and hold left click to spew forth water to a new location

    This provides easy water transportation that surpasses the normal and painstaking (but effective) methods like buckets.

    for this reason the pack should be quite rare or take many items to craft. The pack can be combined with obsidian to make a dangerous liquid transportation tank, which can carry both lava AND water, though the capacity is reduced to only 50 tiles
  10. pigmyninja

    pigmyninja Dungeon Guardian

    Hm intresting.....intresting

    A WCP sounds cool
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  11. FishCake

    FishCake Green Slime

    Ohhhh me wants :D
  12. Syril

    Syril Green Slime

    Theres buckets now.
  13. FishCake

    FishCake Green Slime

    Yes but you cant drown mobs quickly with that
  14. Syril

    Syril Green Slime

    You can't drown mobs anyways.
  15. GamersRemote

    GamersRemote Green Slime

    I like all these ideas, it's not just 'Oh use a bucket', I love the pipes. That would make for some awesome systems, +1
  16. Dante

    Dante Green Slime

    There is a really expensive dirt rod.
    How about a really expensive... water rod?

    Just throwing that out there.
  17. Syril

    Syril Green Slime

    What would it do?
    just be able to move the water around?
  18. pigmyninja

    pigmyninja Dungeon Guardian

  19. Syril

    Syril Green Slime

    If so, I like it! :D
  20. ikillufast45

    ikillufast45 Green Slime

    there is as dirt rod so why not a water rod?
    EDIT: just saw some one else said this sorry

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