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  1. Yoraiz0r

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    Last updated on 15 October 2012 - tConfig 27.2a

    Hey all!....
    -been a while since I made up a thread-
    So uhm , I'm proud to introduce...Holowires!

    I figured it would be much easier to explain what they are in an!

    The concept of these critters is the latter
    Take a point in time and space , then take another point and connect the two.
    Holowires do just that.
    In the image , you see lines that connect two tiles in the game , the lines are merely visual but wires work through those lines , and do not intersect with anything in the way , this allows you to make up complex devices out of wire machinary etc.

    It should be noted , that Holowires do not require normal wires to work at all , you merely need to connect a holowire between a switch and your waypoint(be it a torch , door or anything else) and it will flawlessly do its job.

    To sum the main features , here's what you get:
    • Holowires , connecting two points , shown visually through a line , but the wire toggling is actually teleported to the other end on the spot of arrival to either side.
    • Holowired transmissions will also be channeled through wires , allowing you to use either system and switch back and forth easily.
    • A tool that spawns Holowires , and removes them through a toggle feature (Hotkey X)
    • A tool that lets you color Holowire lines , up to 6 available colors at the moment (Red , Orange , Hot Pink , Gold , Dodger Blue , Lime)
    • A tool that reduces a Holowire's transmission power to a pulp , making any hop that goes through that holowire the last holowire hop (used in more advanced machinary)
    • Multiplayer support for the entire godamn complex.
    The mod includes a total of 3 items , and uses 1 hotkey for all of the features it includes.
    The items , as follows , are :

    Holowire Rod
    Crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop , using
    100x Wire,
    20x Fallen Star,
    3x Gold Coin,
    10x Diamond,
    1x Lava Bucket

    The Holowire Rod is the first and main tool you will want to get , and will be using , respectively.

    Adding a Holowire
    On a left mouse's press & Hold & Drag , it allows you to select a starting point (where you start holding the mouse) and an ending point (where you stop holding the mouse) , the two points will create a Holowire between them , wire messages recieved from either side will go to the other.

    Removing a Holowire
    When holding the Holowire Rod , Press X once , this toggles the rod's "delete" feature.
    When in 'Delete' feature mode , place your mouse over a line of a holowire you wish to remove , the edges of the line will turn white , while the center will turn black.
    If you press the left mouse button , it will then delete any line that has been marked in black and white.

    The Holowire mod is the only tool that can be achieved before hardmode , for those who desire it early.

    Holowire Palette
    Crafted at a Mythril Anvil , using
    10x Silver Bar,
    50x Fallen Star,
    10x Soul of Light,
    5x Diamond,
    1x Wire

    The Holowire Palette is not important at all and the only purpose it serves is to further achieve convenience with Holowires.

    Swapping Colors
    When pressing X , it swaps its own color (item color changes) to the color it can paint Holowire lines at

    Painting Holowire Lines
    A left click when the mouse is over a holowire line , will make the line be colored in the fitting color.

    Fun fact : The Holowire Palette only holds 6 colors , but has the potential to hold up to 256.

    Holowire Fuse
    Crafted at a Mythril Anvil , using
    10x Soul of Light,
    5x Copper Bar,
    5x Gold Bar,
    10x Silver Bar,
    1x Diamond,
    5x Wire

    The Holowire Fuse acts a lot like the Holowire Palette , although its only use is to toggle a wire's state between short fuse , to a long fuse.

    Toggling Holowire Lines Shortfuse
    A left click when the mouse is over a holowire line , will toggle between shortfuse and longfuse modes on that line

    Shortfused lines have no edges to them.

    In Statistics
    Each Holowire takes 12 bytes to save , and synchronize in total.
    Holowires work with an ID system , up to 65536 different holowires can exist on the map at the same time.
    Holowires only synchronize on the net when changes occur , making the workflow efficient , and no lag should occur from Holowires.
    It took 10 hours of code writing & testing in total to achieve the desired result , yay me.

    So Uhm , I am done explaining'know....go play with it.

    Feel free to report for any bugs you find , but if you care about myyour mortal well-being you will reconsider any whining that should take place on this thread ^_~

    Download attached to post.
    (Source is in Obj , zip includes both obj and installer)

    P.S Screenshots will be Appreciated!

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  2. Nawe^^

    Nawe^^ Squirrel

    Looks amazing, I will definily test it!
  3. Axion

    Axion Green Slime

    Just as great as I expected. Awesome coding as always :­)
  4. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Oh wow, just before I start on my devices mod too, this will be plenty handy, goodjob Yorai :D

    Curious, how exactly does short fuse vs long fuse work?
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Well , just let me describe a situation....
    suppose you have a holowire , connected to a normal wire line , then at the end of that wire line you have another holowire , and on the other edge of that holowire there's a torch.

    if the first holowire is shortfuse , the signal will not travel to the second holowire , but will spread along the normal wire line.
    if both are not shortfuse , then the signal will reach the torch.
  6. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    So a long fuse's pulse can always continue, but a short fuse's can only continue through another short fuse, by the sounds of it? Handy, simple way to set up 1 way wires
  7. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    a shortfuse will not travel to ANY holowire after it.
    ._. Handy , huh? XD
  8. justsomeguy

    justsomeguy Green Slime

    This looks epic but would have been way handier back in the days people played this game, now rarely anyone plays it, especially with mods. I would even make an adventure map with this but i'd rather keep my creativity for Starbound. CHEERZ AND PET ME
  9. jugouchiha

    jugouchiha Green Slime

    can I please use this for a mod I'm making I'd appretiate it if you let me.
    I'll need wires like that.
  10. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    The source is available inside the obj file , like any other mod since tConfig 24c.
    Credit me if you use any of what you find in there.
  11. jugouchiha

    jugouchiha Green Slime

    ok thanks i'll credit you for the wires that go through other wires (holowires)
  12. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    We need to get connery over here.

    Nice mod! I can imagine the potential it can give. Reimagined engines
    Yoraiz0r likes this.
  13. MisfortunateFrederic

    MisfortunateFrederic Green Slime

    I'll work on getting some screenshots for you.

    I planned to make a new world anyhow, since my latest one is on a really bad slope.
    Yoraiz0r likes this.
  14. steelblueskies

    steelblueskies Green Slime

    only one bug, and believe me i tried to break the shiny goodness (odd chaining of every possible connection point on 2x2 and 3x2 activable items for example, some funny business when multiple timers of the same type are linked in large numbers but it still works, considering it a feature until understood better). you can place holowires with endpoints that are in a state of unity.

    ie you go to place a wire, and accidentally/intentionally release before moving off the starting tile, resulting in both endpoints overlapping with no colored segment. that's fine in and of itself, but the deletion tool cannot delete these single point wires. doesn't hurt anything, just annoying to be able to create something you cannot delete. possibly add a conditional test that prevents placing a segment if the start x,y and end x,y are the same.

    beyond that this is a functional beauty.

    also managed a 4000ingame ft run from pump to pump with them so hoo-rah. no more statuary shenanigans for long wire runs either.

    seems to play nice with any properly constructed custom mechanics items as well, somehow, without any normal wire involved at all.

    that's excellent. just mind the projectile limit of 1000 simultaneous, which can crash the game, while making some big arrangements with this. now you can perform such tomfoolery much *much* more easily(well if you have some combination of 1001 dart or boulder traps to wire together compared to before) , so do beware.
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  15. MisfortunateFrederic

    MisfortunateFrederic Green Slime

    I'm currently facing an issue where the holowires won't place.

    I've tried to connect a candle, active blocks, and a switch with it, but the first line won't even place.


    The palette changer also seems to be stuck on orange.
  16. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Awesome report , thanks! XD
    -can't believe that 1point wiring glitch slipped through my selftest radar , ill give a look into fixing it , or rather make such ones not be placed-
    uhm , I don't see the relevance of projectiles in this thread =x , the holowires are custom objects , no projectiles involved in the code at all. (litterally , you wont find "projectile" anywhere in the code)

    it sounds as though the "X toggling" doesnt get detected or some other shenanigen of the likes , and that your holowire tool might be stuck on delete mode rather then placement mode ._.
    try restarting your game or something , please.

    Also , any suggestions on how to let the players know the state of the holowire tool (that does not involve making the item change its name)?
  17. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Pretty sure it's just a warning to others, since you opened the door to having large machines spanning large distances.

    Change the sprite that's drawn next to the mouse? Seems to be the easiest method, maybe just have a + and - in addition to the item sprite.
  18. MisfortunateFrederic

    MisfortunateFrederic Green Slime

    Actually, it doesn't work on either mode.

    I already tested it on both modes beforehand.

    The placement selector shows up like it should, except it doesn't place anything.

    The color rotation was fixed by changing worlds, though.
  19. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    wha? X_X
    What version of tConfig are you using?
  20. MisfortunateFrederic

    MisfortunateFrederic Green Slime


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