Multiplayer disconnects me...

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by MrRagston, May 19, 2011.

  1. MrRagston Green Slime

    Every time I try to connect to a server, I lose my internet connection. When it comes back it keeps me at the "Requesting World Info" thread. When I cancel and try again, it then says that my character is already in the world.

    This is upsetting the hell out of me because a game like this has a lot of multiplayer potential and I get to experience none of it, anyone have a solution.
  2. MrRagston Green Slime

    Someone please help me out
  3. Sykes Green Slime

    Well this isn't a problem with the game, bro. I have no clue what's wrong. Do other computers lose internet access too?
  4. MrRagston Green Slime

    Yea, disconnects my router and everything
  5. Sykes Green Slime

    No other games do this? Does your router have any other problems that you know of? Have you tried connecting to a server on your local network, or on your own computer? (Preferably on another computer in your network)

    If you can answer these questions, it will help to narrow down what the problem is.
  6. MrRagston Green Slime

    OK. I can play League of Legends and other MMOs perfectly fine. I did find out that when I use my webcam and view my friends that I constantly disconnect. I've played Terraria before with a friend over Hamachi and it would do the same, but the second time I tried it would let me in, it would then proceed to disconnect me every 30 mins or so.

    I don't have a problem accessing any comps on my network.
  7. Fate Green Slime

    I have had such problem with a few other games (but not with Terraria), but I never found out what the problem was. I think it might have something to do with slow upload, could you possibly post your specs and internet download/upload speed?
  8. Sykes Green Slime

    Naw, slow upload won't cause this problem. It would at least handshake. Besides, upload speed has nothing to do with sending his own computer data.

    It sounds like your router is bad. Try resetting it, at the least.
  9. MrRagston Green Slime

    Yea, I'll see if I can get my pops to get on that. I keep telling him it is, but he thinks it's not

    EDIT: Unless there is a way to restart it without needing the password to bring it back up
  10. Sykes Green Slime

    Yeah, unplug it and plug it back in.
  11. MrRagston Green Slime

    Did that nothing happened, sorry, just got home from work
  12. MrRagston Green Slime

    Is it that the router is kicking me off or that it is being overloaded or what?
  13. MrRagston Green Slime

    They sent me a new one and it does the same thing the old one does...
  14. Kane Slavuta Green Slime

    it might be just your internet connection. if not, check if you have a proxy on, and check if your running 2 networks at the same time consuming your performance.

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