Multiplayer error - Not the same version as this server?!

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Phozz, May 16, 2011.

  1. Phozz

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    I purchased Terraria on Steam about two hours ago, and I've been trying to set up a server at home and play from work but I keep getting a "You are not using the same version as this server" error when I connect.

    I am 100% positive that I'm using the exact same software in both places, I ran the server through steam at home, then killed steam and logged in at work, installed the game and tried to connect, as far as networking goes everything seems fine because I can reach the server, it just says I have the wrong version...

    When I run the server and the client through steam on my home PC I can connect to the server fine, but not if I'm trying to run the client at work and the server at home...

    Is this a known bug or something I can edit with .net Reflector to allow me to connect like this? Or am I doing something wrong in how I'm setting this up?
  2. Kiir

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    I believe it was mentioned (somewhere, at sometime) to where you won't -currently- be able to have a separate machine with the server and then using a different computer to log into it.

    The way it is now, pretty sure both need to be on the same computer, eh?
  3. Phozz

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    So you're saying I was able to do this with the leaked alpha but it isn't available in the version I paid for?

    That doesn't make any sense, why would they remove functionality like this...
  4. Kiir

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    I have no idea how it's workin' the servers and clients and such...

    But, the leaked version wasn't running through steam. Can you turn steam into offline mode and log in to another person's server?
  5. ltouroumov

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    I aggree the leaked beta worked with multiplayer but this version crashes hard !
    (Reverse bug solving I guess, probably because of STEAM integration)
  6. Phozz

    Phozz Green Slime

    Hmm...Possibly, if this has to do with steam's DRM then it's pretty simple to remove...

    I'm not sure why they'd go and restrict it like this though, that's pretty lame.

    Edit: So I just copied the files from my steamapps folder over to a new VM, no steam running at all and I can connect to my own multiplayer server fine, but nobody else can connect and I can't connect to anyone else's

    If this is a DRM thing, it's really BAD DRM because it doesn't inconvenience anyone who wants to steal it, it can be played fine without steam running, Yet here I am having purchased TWO four packs (spending as much on this game as I would on a AAA release from a major studio) and my friends and I can't play together properly....
  7. Kiir

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    It's not really DRM. Steam just, y'know, requires you to be connected to be able to do online things with games on it. This is generally true with actual steam integration..

    I'm just not entirely certain/convinced that it does cut off connectivity when offline from steam.
  8. Phozz

    Phozz Green Slime

    I will test with steam in offline mode...

    Edit: Ran steam in offline mode on my work PC, and ran it online on my home PC (running the server) and still the same error, I guess I'll have to dig into the executable to remove this annoying limitation...
  9. Kiir

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    Well, I think the best thing to try is to run steam in offline, start a server, and have someone try to connect to it.

    There's also the option to try to connect to someone's server while in offline mode, too, to see if it's affecting connection.
  10. raccoozie

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  11. Phozz

    Phozz Green Slime

    Thanks for the link Raccoozie that was helpful

    So it seems that this isn't entirely related to steam not allowing the game to work while not connected to the service...

    I'm hosting the server on my PC running it through steam, I can connect fine when I run a second instance of Terraria but nobody else can connect to my server, even though they are also running terraria through steam...

    Edit: I should mention that the error remains the same "You are not running the same version as this server." It doesn't seem to be a firewall/connectivity problem it's just refusing to load the world.
  12. Demetari

    Demetari Green Slime

    Not to necro this thread but uhh.... Ah who am I kidding, this is a necro.

    I recently just ran into this error actually, but quickly found out that my dedicated server was 1.0.6, and all the players clients were So I had to re-download the dedicated server files from the homepage... and run the server through the new download, then it let people connect fine. Seems like this is something that will have to be done every time an update is made.. Even a minuscule ".1" update.. *sigh*..... Just posting this here for people who do, still, technically get this kind of error, but are encountering it in my way instead.
  13. L0rd Chaos

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    What homepage are you talking about? I am experiencing the same problem at the moment >.<
  14. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon, Terraria's official website.

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