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Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Zaine, May 20, 2011.

  1. Zaine Squirrel

    Hello, ive been playing Terraria since it came out and ive been playing singleplayer because I havent been able to connect to ANY server on multiplayer. Obviously its my end and I dont understant what I have to do? I cant even connect locally to my own computer. When I try to connect to any server, be it one hosted from my computer or from a friends across the net, the only thing that happens is it connects and finds the server, i type the password in but my screen gets stuck at requesting world information? Can some one please tell me what Im supposed to do because id really love to play online. Thanks :)

    Edit: Also, I have forwarded the port 31337, When I try to check that its done I get an error and the site couldn't see the port because the connection times out. Thanks.
  2. kanon88 Green Slime

  3. Zaine Squirrel

  4. kanon88 Green Slime

    yes, all in the same boat.
  5. Zaine Squirrel

    okay, thanks. Bit disappointing :/
  6. McCull96 Green Slime

    This bug is starting to piss me of but hey I guess we'll have to wait -_-
  7. Zaine Squirrel

    Yes me too, all I wana do is play online. It sucks. I dont understand why my friends can play who live in the same town as me and I cant? Is it my computer or what, seriously.. That is why I dont understand it, because other people can. If everyone couldnt then id understand but yeah. I dunno, i just wana play online hey... That was the main hype for me about getting this game.
  8. EnixusSyanide Green Slime

    even on hamachi?
  9. Zaine Squirrel

    Yeah Hamachi doesnt even work :/
  10. McCull96 Green Slime

    I only bought this game for multiplayer if I knew I wouldn't be able to do multiplayer I would have went with the ripped beta
  11. piplink Green Slime

    same with me, i can only get to the connecting screen and it says it took too long
  12. potatoe422 Green Slime

  13. MazZ Green Slime

    I've got the same error :(.
    But I think it's because my ISP is blocking port 31337, because it is a known troyan port.
  14. ehsteve77 Green Slime

  15. Zaine Squirrel

    If this is the case, is there no chance we can play online then? Unless they make it so we can set our own ports. Which they should really do because I am getting kind of bored of single player :/
  16. MazZ Green Slime

    I hope they fix it, but looks like there moderators/ admins don't even care to reply on the posts on this forum :/
  17. Zaine Squirrel

    You have to remember that these forums are not official so they don't even need to read anything. Also the game hasn't been out for that long so we just have to be patient and allow them to release updates and do their job. I'm sure they are aware of this problem and will fix it eventually, they would have a priority of what needs to be done first. I just hope this is up the top of that list..
  18. Benvdd Green Slime

    The ports will change when they update the server so that servers run through steam
  19. Zaine Squirrel

    Yeah that will be good, I cant wait hey...
  20. ehsteve77 Green Slime

    Do you know when its updated?

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