Multiplayer Server Commands?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by CkGordon, May 17, 2011.

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  1. CkGordon

    CkGordon Green Slime

    Is there a list or guide or something on the server commands for multiplayer? Like in the lets play videos the server admin cud drag the sun/moon and toggle teams and pvp etc. Anyone know what the server commands are?
  2. Malkyn

    Malkyn Green Slime

    None of those are commands.

    To move the sun go to the server window, and drag the sun.

    Toggling pvp and teams is done on player basis in the inventory menu. Clicking the swords will toggle PVP, which while clicking a colored shield will designate you to that team.
  3. zalak123

    zalak123 Cave Bat

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  4. bleachisback

    bleachisback Green Slime

    There is the /give command
  5. the potato

    the potato Squirrel

    whats the spawn mob comand?
  6. Lucas Oliveira

    Lucas Oliveira Squirrel

    In the site of the own Terraria producers (, there is a download to the "Terraria Dedicated Server", it is a world Editor and Generator with the purpose to run a multiplayer World. It has the following commands, from the prompt:

    exit - Stop/Close server
    reload - Reload plugins
    list - Show Online players
    players - Show Online Players
    me - Talk in 3rd person
    say - Send a console message to online players
    save-all - trigger a World Save
    help - Show command list (this list)
    whitelist - add/remove to the whitelist
    ban - ban a player
    unban - un-ban a player
    time - set time with: "<set <Time> (day/dusk/dawn/noon/night/now) >
    give - give player an item: "<give <player> <amount> <item name/id> >"
    spawnnpc - spawn a npc: "<spawnnpc <amount> <name/id> >"
    tp - teleport a player to a player (the format is not given, but I belive it is:
    "<tp <Player name to be teleported> <Player name to teleport to> >
    tphere - teleport a player to you
    settle - settle water
    op - set a player to OP (Dunno what the hell it is, OverPowered maybe? XD)
    deop - De-OP a player
    oplogin - Log in as OP: <oplogin <password> > (didn't get either, sorry for these comments, just me being dumb XD)
    oplogout - log out of OP status.
    npcspawns - toggle the state of npc spawning
    kick - kicks a player from the server
    restart - restart the server
    stop - stop & close the server
    slots - check the state of communication slots

    Hope it helped :D
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  7. Bentley

    Bentley Cursed Skull

    OP is operator.
  8. GingerBreadMan

    GingerBreadMan Cursed Man

    Hmm, I am running the batch file, and when I try the exit command, it simply restarts the server.

    Edit: Does it have to do with the fact the batch file has "@echo Restarting server..."
    =P Well it's the included batch file, so don't know if this is the intended behavior, nevertheless how do I safely shut it down now?
  9. Boruma

    Boruma Cursed Man

    Tried the give command, it was invalid.
    along with the teleport command.
  10. Blazingmind

    Blazingmind Penguin

    i think its /i
  11. SpiffyHat

    SpiffyHat Green Slime

    Found that mostly all of the commands on the list aren't functional. Is there special steps to take before the work? Or are they just all bogus? :p
  12. asge1210

    asge1210 Green Slime

    ip 31337 code as
  13. Bentley

    Bentley Cursed Skull

    Ay, quit spamming or you could get yourself a ban!
  14. Cipher3333

    Cipher3333 Cursed Man

    the actual tp command to tp yourself to someone is:
    /tp <person you are teleporting to>
    Thats it.
    Hope it works for you!:D
  15. WolfMimir

    WolfMimir Cursed Skull

    and original post :3
  16. It's been months since anyone last replied to this, I'm sure they've figured it out by now.
    In the off chance they haven't, well, you've helped him! Good job! :D
  17. AlphaIceFire

    AlphaIceFire Green Slime

    For server commands like /give and /butcher and all that kinda stuff you can download T-Shock to get it.There are some tutorials on youtube.
  18. Korin

    Korin Possessed Armor

  19. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    There is no give command or teleport. The only commands which work are those which affect the server rather than the players. You can change the time, settle liquids or send messages. Those are the main things you can do with the server console. Teleporting and npc summoning are both mod effects.
  20. carsakiller

    carsakiller Green Slime

    i forget how to login is it /login<username>(space) <password>
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