Multiplayer: Tile spam/Tile remove/Projectile Spam IT'S GOTTA GO

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by knifeproz, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. knifeproz

    knifeproz Green Slime

    Well...the title says it itself. It's got to go. I threw 3 dynamite sticks in one place so I can get some materials, in my OWN SERVER, and get a following message "Cheating Attempt Detected: Tile Remove Spam" ...alright then. So apparently I can only use 2 dynamite sticks in my own world or else I'll get kicked?
    Next...I was trying to make a sky bridge....i added about 100 wood to it "Cheating Attempt Detected: Add Tile Spam" ....So this being said I can't even make things?
    Last... I was playing with my friend just messing around firing the ivy whip in the air multiple times, making a joke saying DOCTOR OCTAGONAPUS BLARGH! (if you watched the lazer collection you'll get it)...we both got kicked for "Cheating Attempt Detected: Projectile Spam" ....Alright first of all, IT DOESN'T EVEN SHOOT ANYTHING! It's a grappling hook!
    I say this has gotta go because it's just getting me to facepalm. This game would be nicer without this, and instead we should have an updated console to choose weather we want to enable/disable Tile Spam/Remove/Projectile Spam. Anyone else with me? :\
  2. JamesJaames

    JamesJaames Green Slime

    Never happend to me strangly, mind showing a picture of it?
    i'd really support it, since i'm 80% playing MP Terraria, but i can't since it never happends to me :S .
  3. PaperCut1337

    PaperCut1337 Green Slime

    First time hearing this honestly.. maybe your computer lags or something
  4. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Re-Logic is aware of it. They tried to add some primitive anti-cheating measures and as much as we all appreciate the effort, it frankly failed miserably. Shit happens.

    Just wait until the next update. It shouldn't be that far off.
  5. knifeproz

    knifeproz Green Slime

    Yep...i tried but it's not happening right now? I'm really's happened multiple times, not just one so it can't be computer lag like papercut1337 suggested. It didn't happen to just me either.
  6. knifeproz

    knifeproz Green Slime

    managed to get one

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