My Character's name is red, and I can't play with the character.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Jikiya, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Jikiya

    Jikiya Green Slime

    I played Terraria this morning, then left and came back. When I opened the Singleplayer menu, my character that I played this morning was red. When I hovered over the name, he wasn't wearing any armor or accessories. Then I couldn't play him. When I chose a different character, I went on my World 2, but when I was on world selection, it had changed to World_2. When I opened the world, Terraria a prompt popped up saying that Terraria had crashed, so I deleted the "World-2" and tried to play as my character again. The name was still red and I couldn't play on that character.
    Please help!! I am desperate. This doesn't work and I almost smashed my computer when this didn't work.
    Please respond ASAP.

  2. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

  3. wwbros

    wwbros Angel Statue

    Did you ever get a response on the red character problem? Im having the same problem now. Do any of the mods works anymore either? Thanks...
  4. TheCrookedMan

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    Take a screenshot of your world and players folder (Documents/My Games/Terraria/) I might help
  5. Murphmario

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    Interesting. I might try this. If I do, I'll give you the results.
  6. Theterrarian

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    The red named character could mean that it is simply corrupted, or that it has mod content in it that you have removed from the game. Lets say you were playing Avalon, got a few Avalon only items on that char, and then removed Avalon. That character might not work anymore, and that might be your problem. Otherwise it may just be corrupted, have you tried loading the .bak character file?
  7. Itsalittleamy

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    this has happened to me too, twice. each about a week after creating the world, the world and player becomes corrupted. the first time i didnt have much, but this time i had loads of stuff, and i desperately need it back. i dont understand all this file stuff, and im not keen on having to download stuff to get it back. please help, i want my world and stuff! (Also, i play vanilla terraria, no mods. like, ever.

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