My completely unimpressive city.

Discussion in 'Player Creations & Screenshots' started by Rho, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Rho

    Rho Doctor Bones

    'sup guys.

    Just wanted to share my lil' village. I'm personally not a big fan of the enormous castles, the supernatural floating cities, or anything too extravagant.
    I like my settings realistic. You know, simple things, normal-sized houses, lit pathways, watchtowers, flying demonic eyeballs. The usual.

    Let me know what you think, I'd appreciate it, even though it's a bit.. Underwhelming.

    My City.png

    PS: If you want to see it, you might want to open it in a new tab, it's kind of.. Long.
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  2. Drmixable

    Drmixable Eskimo Zombie

    I like it :)
  3. ItzMatthew

    ItzMatthew Green Slime

    How do take the picture to be that big?
  4. Rho

    Rho Doctor Bones

    Add five screenshots, a smidge of Microsoft Paint, and a whole lotta love.
  5. Sequel

    Sequel Squirrel

    I really like the way you constructed the houses! You're right, they have an aesthetic appeal that is altogether charming. :)
  6. Rho

    Rho Doctor Bones

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it, even though it's a bit simplistic compared to the Mario-shaped flying castles with waterfalls of lava and all that.
  7. Ephemerius

    Ephemerius Green Slime

    IT's epic that they're not uniform and the torch lit road is also most epic indeed.
  8. Wuanji

    Wuanji Green Slime

    Fix the title on the thread kind sir! This is a fine looking city mate, though i have the skills too make a city myself i just dont have the patience, which is sad actually seeing how well you did it mate.
  9. ForeverCopper

    ForeverCopper Dark Caster

    A lot better than mine. Good job!
  10. xx3dgxx

    xx3dgxx Piranha

    Looks really cool!
  11. Rho

    Rho Doctor Bones

    Oh, wow, unexpected. Thanks everyone.
  12. N0DemonZ

    N0DemonZ Green Slime

    Very nice City you have there !
  13. Pinkie

    Pinkie Green Slime

    Awesome, I love the chimney

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