My Crappy Art! :)

Discussion in 'Art' started by Mr. Mystery, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    So I'm a horrible artist and I was I tried XD... Have fun laughing!! :D
    Here you go :p

    The Wonderful Art (open)
    Dryad:[IMG]Staff Of Regrowth: [IMG]Merchant: [IMG]
  2. Fade Away Green Slime

    The image is broken, did you do picture[/IMG*]
    Without the *?
  3. KXI System Green Slime

    It honestly looks like you were bored, open paint and 2 minutes later you made this thread.
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  4. Triforce Frankenstein

    Is it supposed to be a flower?
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  5. The Forgotten One Slimed Zombie

    I can't see it, so is it so bad that it broke it self?
  6. Triforce Frankenstein

    Right click and select "view image".
  7. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Its staff of regrowth XD
  8. Frigez Demon Eye

    You're right. It's crappy.
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  9. The Forgotten One Slimed Zombie

    Thanks, but I kinda regret seeing it:(
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  10. Triforce Frankenstein

    Can you make more? This stuff is awesome.
  11. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Yes!!! And you can laugh and laugh some more! Just tell me what you want me to make! Also I think imma do it by hand instead of on Paint XD
  12. Merch Fire Imp

    Its amazing!
    A question mark!
    Guess we got potential!
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  13. Triforce Frankenstein

    Please, keep the current style! I want you to make the Terraria Dryad!
  14. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Heres the Dryad!!! Laugh!!! :) And Merch, right-click, view image .

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  15. Triforce Frankenstein

    Do I see some artistic blur effects? XD
  16. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Yes!!! :) Im talented.
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  17. Triforce Frankenstein

    I made some fan fan art! Its the Merchant! How did I do?
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  18. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Good!!! Im gonna make a merchant now! Merch you can put it in your sig if you want XD
  19. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Heres my merchant: [IMG]
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  20. Triforce Frankenstein

    Your art is freakin' amazing!

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