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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Baronboom

    Baronboom Green Slime

    As solid as sandstone on quicksand perhaps
    and you have stated no facts only opinions...

    1.0.0 Beta =/= 1.0.0 Final
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  2. ckthunder

    ckthunder Green Slime

    wrong fact *facepalm*
  3. Rahtgaz

    Rahtgaz Green Slime

    It's not a lower number.
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  4. mestrePuppets

    mestrePuppets Green Slime

    My thoughts exactly!!! Right now I'm just crossing my fingers for the negotiations with gaslamp games to work out....
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  5. Kelaria

    Kelaria Green Slime

    FINALLY! I can't believe it took 44 pages for someone to finally bring this up:

    I have to say, I'm sure there's tons of new fathers out there who would LOVE nothing more than to be able to up and quit their job to be able to spend more time with their new baby. However, most people don't have the means to do such a thing. Also, I'm sure there's tons of new fathers out there who would LOVE to have a job that would allow them to work from home and set their own hours (Heck, anyone would love that sort of job! Even people with no kids!).

    I'm a firm believer in the whole "family comes first" thing, but those of us who made it possible for him to even consider quitting to "spend more time with his family" by forking over money for this game (however small an amount it was, which really doesn't matter in the end, because I could have spent my $10 on something else) shouldn't just be tossed aside like yesterday's trash. Family can still come first at the same time as making sure you fulfill the promises you made to your paying customers. Especially when it would be so easy to just work from home, even just a couple hours a day, five days a week. If only I could be so lucky as to have a job like that!!
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  6. Amplify

    Amplify Bunny

    My point exactly. If it's the same or a higher number, the game is finished. If it's a lower number, the game is unfinished.

  7. bohl0s

    bohl0s Green Slime

    after 1m sales you giving up? Terraria had so much more to offer it was just about to become a cult a classic leave a legacy and now you abandon it? At the beginning of it's time? And not even considering for a full priced expansion or even terraria 2?
    I hope minecraft don't follows the same direction and I wish you to treat with more love your next (digital) child.
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  8. Rahtgaz

    Rahtgaz Green Slime

    Really? That's your point?


    Meanwhile, Kelaria, thank you for your post and to have gone to the trouble of digging those quotes.
  9. Amplify

    Amplify Bunny

    Yep, that's all. People say it's unfinished, I'm just proving it is.
  10. Baronboom

    Baronboom Green Slime

    1.1.2 BETA =/= 1.0.0 FINAL

    What part of that did you not understand? (in best Christopher Walken voice)
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  11. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    Some betas go far beyond 1.0.0 Just saying.
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  12. mt_pelion

    mt_pelion Green Slime

    What did your purchase agreement entitled you to?

    That is the only thing that matters.

    What we have here are people who felt they were entitled to more than what they got, when in fact they got 100% of what their purchase agreement entitled them to. They aren't happy, and I respect their right to complain, but the reality is that they got what they paid for (and then some free content on top of that).
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  13. desacabose

    desacabose Green Slime

    ...SON OF A B*TCH!
  14. Rahtgaz

    Rahtgaz Green Slime

    And how does that prove the game is finished?
    Are you at all familiar with the software development process and what those numbers actually mean?
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  15. deane

    deane Bunny

    dear redigit,

    its fine and all to spend time with your new son/daughter. however just abandoning this much loved game sure does make most of us sad and some of us angry in that you made promises. so its your decision but this greatly saddens me. thanks none the less for putting out an awesome game just don't expect people to blindly buy your next game since its unlikely that serious bugs/issues will be addressed.
  16. mt_pelion

    mt_pelion Green Slime

    The clarification post indicates that there will be at least one bug fix.
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  17. iceman85

    iceman85 Squirrel

    there was though, there are more upset people on this forum than people that don't think its a big deal. He is gonna take a hit to his fan base, alot of people wont be giving him money anymore for his empty promises and less than a year support. You can argue why this is wrong til your blue in the face, but its the truth.
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  18. deane

    deane Bunny

    thats true but I do believe its more the fact that multiplayer is still broken/people can easily hack it to grief which truly bothers me.
  19. Graceful Assassin

    Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    In case some of you really arn't aware on the numbering schemes of software development: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_versioning#Schemes

    But that doesn't mean you HAVE to follow that process, however, I believe somewhere one of the devs stated that they considered the game "no longer in beta" I believe that was at the release of 1.0.6, I'll see if I can find it.
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  20. Amplify

    Amplify Bunny

    I wish I could "like" your post to infinity.

    There's a very simple way you could prove me wrong: Link me to a single post by a developer of Terraria (Redigit or Blue) calling Terraria to this day a "beta".
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