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Discussion in 'Let's Play Terraria!' started by NeoStitches, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. NeoStitches Green Slime

    So I just started a new channel and started playing terraria. I'm looking for some advice on my videos and how to inprove and maybe start a co-op with someone. My channel is here and this is my first Terrarria video:

    Thanks for taking the time to read this please leave me any feedback positive or negitive.


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  2. jontankz Green Slime

    If you are looking for a partner im down, i've never done a LP but im a calm, laidback kinda fun guy lol
  3. Silverity Snow Flinx

    I'd be ur partner too, i'm a walking terraria wiki. we could do a trio LP. Me & U & jontankz. if you like that idea add me on steam and we can paly: Silverity
    And i can host too. But i cant record :( i also have skype and a mic add me on steam and we can talk more.
  4. NeoStitches Green Slime

    I can record as long as someone can host and everyone has skype
  5. Silverity Snow Flinx

    i can host and i have skype so i'm good to go.
  6. NeoStitches Green Slime

    Ok My skype is Ilikestitchy
  7. Silverity Snow Flinx

    Ok il add you l8r, are you up for 3 player though? i think that would make it more interesting.
  8. NeoStitches Green Slime

    If jontanks wants to do it
  9. jontankz Green Slime

  10. Silverity Snow Flinx

    whats your steam or skype?
  11. jontankz Green Slime

    skype: johntankz
  12. Jingzez Mouse

    Hey man, liking the vid. I also just recently started uploading Terraria to youtube. If its not too late, and if its possible maybe we could do a 4 player co-op of the game? We can both record and have 2 different perspectives of the playthrough. To me that would be awesome because I have a single player series on my channel but I was hoping to get a co-op one as well. Please respond with all haste! I have skype and a microphone. I record with fraps. I think I could add some flavor to both of our playthroughs. Pm on Youtube @ Jingzez. Or on my Skype @ Jingzez15. Or you could always just message me on here or post on my page. I'm keeping an eye out for your response! :)
  13. Silverity Snow Flinx

    Cool. by 4 player you do mean me, you, him, and john tankz right? if so add me on skype or respond and i'l add you. my skype is Silverity
    Btw forgot to mention, the more the merrier! :p
  14. Jingzez Mouse

    Yeah yeah. We can work stuff out. I searched ya on Skype but there were a couple options and didnt wanna get the wrong one. Add me at Jingzez15.
  15. NeoStitches Green Slime

    As far as recording I dont make sence to me to record two sides so as long as your good with just playing you can join us lol

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