my home at terraria (pixel art)

Discussion in 'Player Creations & Screenshots' started by m6sa, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. m6sa

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  2. Kieve

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    I try not to comment without something nice or constructive to say, but first? *MUTED*
    Dunno what that noise was, but it sure wasn't music...

    Now... I'm not one for pixel art so I'll just say "Yay, plants vs zombies!" and leave it at that, but your "home" is pretty bare-bones. Glad to see you used different blocks than raw stone/wood, but they're mostly just bare rectangles. They serve the function of housing your NPCs, I suppose? but they're not visually interesting at all. You say you drew inspiration from Ymir for some ideas? The best thing I can suggest would be to draw further inspiration from some other great builders on this forum. Yoyi, TheKobold666, Kaing, Ecap, and Percival are just a few that come to mind. Or perhaps RainWanderer's work is more to your taste? Wherever you find inspiration, I hope perhaps you'll consider updating your current base, or constructing a new one with a bit more flare and interest. Not trying to sound harsh, but what you have right now isn't terribly impressive, even if everything is "legit" as you claim.
  3. m6sa

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    thank you
  4. KKslida

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    I agree with Kieve for the most part. I DO like that you got inspiration from Yrimir, he was the guy I got for my pixel art too! But the constructive criticism I want to add is that you have to make your own designs and artwork. I know it is easier to just mimic an artwork or design already made in Terraria, but try something a fireball, or how about Lugia, or maybe even a bloody evil snowman trying to steal santa's slay 9.9 (maybe I am just rambling)

    Anyways, glad you at least try, just make sure you keep trying and make new things, k.
  5. m6sa

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    i know i must make a fairy tail pixel art
  6. Strongo9

    Strongo9 Demon Eye

    It was really quite barren and empty. The pixel are weren't very impressive either, even more so considering the fact that they're not your designs (well at least the far left one). Yrimir isn't the best Terraria player other there either. Stop overrating him. Also, obtaining all of the items legitimately isn't impressive either. It just means that you wasted time gathering materials.

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