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Discussion in 'Player Creations & Screenshots' started by NuclearWarfare, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    Hey there! I'm a new Terraria player; I started playing a few days ago when I finally decided to try the game out. I instantly became hooked and after playing for the past few days, I decided it was time to build a better house. Since I didn't know how NPC houses worked, my house is very different from my guide and nurse's houses. My new house's floors are 30 by 7 so I am able to put three NPC rooms on a floor. I hope to post a picture daily of the progress but I am sorry if I don't post that frequently. Ideas are more than welcome and I would love to incorporate good ones in the the house.

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  2. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    A lot has happened in the past day. Other than my house turning into a castle, I got the demolitionist, the merchant, meteorite bars, herme's boots, and much more. The guide now resides in the main room as a butler until I make it a throne room. When that happens, that guide and other NPCs I gain will have rooms underground. Still taking ideas, if anyone wants to pitch in.. ;)

  3. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    That's a huge improvement. Add some mud bricks, they are easy to make.
  4. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    I fixed the right tower because it was a block shorter than the other one and added some decorative banners. Nothing too major but I am going to add a watch tower to the left side.
  5. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    Today I added a watch tower to the left side like I said I would. I also gained the Goblin Tinkerer and felt he would be good in the forge room. I spent all my money on a tinkerer's workshop and rocket boots. I already had Herme's boots so I made spectre boots, which I think was a good investment. Since I could fly as high as the castle, I took away the doors so blood moons won't be such a pain. I plan on adding gray brick wall in the background so it will be like the walls around a castle with the towers on the four corners. Another tower will be added on the right and I will spruce up the area inside the castle walls with flowers and such.

  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    The torches look nice.
  7. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    It looks real good for your second house. You can hit the grass under the forge area to get rid of it if you wish (makes the dirt 'stick' to the brick, like the wood part). I prefer tiki torches over regular ones if I have the materials and floor space. Just something about torches on the walls doesn't look right to me. Like in your towers the platform could be moved down one block and place tiki torches on the little ledge it currently occupies. However you can't make them in different colors :(. Just my few cents.

    But still. Looks great!
  8. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    Thank you for the compliments about the castle, guys! I would like to keep the torches because ever since I've seen the glass castles with all the colored torches, I've thought they looked amazing, even if I'm using gray brick instead of glass. I've added the second tower, which is shorter because the dirt is taller by a block. I've added a few trees in the castle grounds which I hope are nice and small. I've also added a few sunflowers to each side, since the corruption can't get past them. They are only for extra safety measures because there are two large patches of them over the mountains on each side.

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  9. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    I will be making the windows even instead of just randomly in the rooms. I'm flushed out of ideas, so what do you guys think I should do?
  10. FireballJoe

    FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    Make treasure room more accessable. Moar convenient.
  11. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    I plan on a treasure room in the basement and making the old one another room. Or maybe where the statues are.
  12. Bambi

    Bambi Cursed Man

    You can use wooden platforms rather than regular wood to prop up your chests, it'll be easier to navigate without the regular wood blocking the way.
  13. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    You need a moat. See my thread on how to make one in the guide section.
  14. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    I will do this after minor renovations. I just defeated Skeletron and the Eye of Cthulu in the same night, so I have the mechanic, but she needs a room along with the clothier. I'm sorry for no recent update, but I will most likely get stuff done tomorrow! undefined
  15. NuclearWarfare

    NuclearWarfare Green Slime

    I did get stuff done today, but not enough for a picture. The rooms are now equal in size and the glass windows are even with each other. I will be changing the gray brick into silver brick. That will be a major change, when it is finished. There are two new rooms with were for the Mechanic and Clothier, but the Dryad showed up and I have to make another room for the mechanic.
  16. oSIVo

    oSIVo Arapaima

    Nice progress sofar :)
  17. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Doing great man, just keep going like you are and every step will teach you moooooar. Prepare to be addicted for a while. Best advice I can give is just play around with different walls, blocks, etc.

    A more direct suggestion remove the wood walls in couple rooms and do something different to break it up maybe. Can make "plank walls" out of stone/wood. Could do those for couple blocks up from bottom then switch to wood for top part of room. Don't be scared to use multiple walls in same room, make a design etc with them, can be a lot of fun.

    Also someone mentioned Mudblocks at one point (mud/stone) . They are good dungeon/castle type color, dark brown.

    Can also make Iridescent blocks (black color) from ash and stone. Could be useful.

    P.S. Spectre boots will be the best investment you have ever made up until ... wings! ... but that comes waaaay later.

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