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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by GaMe, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. GaMe

    GaMe Mouse

    I know the update isn't for another 4-8 weeks but I'm still getting ready. I'm excited. Here's a video of my house and defenses. I'm looking Foreward to constructive criticism.



    Still looking for constructive criticism. Especially from more experienced players.
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  2. MiniNeutral

    MiniNeutral Bunny

  3. FierceRogue

    FierceRogue Floaty Gross

    Looks awesome. Say, what did you use to record your screen?
  4. GaMe

    GaMe Mouse


    RecordMyScreen, got it from here:

    No jailbreak needed.
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  5. NightFire

    NightFire Cave Bat

    Why defenses? Really seems unneeded because all you have to do is kill a giant brick of meat and i don't think zombies break down doors in hardmode? Either way my house is in the ocean XD so i won't be affected by any of those ....nm forgot about the wraiths ....*sigh* better get moving

    Also for the recorder you can always use reflector app(what I prefer) but of course it costs money ;) but like i always say you're paying for quality also i cant use that emu thing since i already have gameboy emu and it will overwrite it (unless they fixed that)
  6. GaMe

    GaMe Mouse

    I couldn't find that reflector app, I used to have the game boy emulator but it stopped working :/

    As far as the defenses goes, I embarrassed a goblin army, and feel none of my NPCs will ever die. Except the guide. He's like Kenny. Holy wall of flesh batman!! Lol. Besides I want to be well protected for when this 'clown' shows up.
  7. NightFire

    NightFire Cave Bat

    It's not in the appstore it's just a computer thing and it utilizes your ipods/iphones airplay ability
    And thank god I have never had a clown come at me during a blood moon yet on my
  8. X-Treme

    X-Treme Doctor Bones

    You could also record it by connecting it to a tv and recording it with a regular camera. With a big tv and hd camera, it takes pretty nice quality vids.
  9. GaMe

    GaMe Mouse

    Ah, I don't have AirPlay just yet. Planning on installing the AirPlay router after my Apple TV.

    I have a game capture pro for my tv lol. HD 1080p recordings.

    Also, updating top post to show the final stages of my house coming closer and closer.
  10. NightFire

    NightFire Cave Bat

    Every iPhone starting with the 3g has airplay -. - (3g i think it might be later) and that program just enters your wi-fi system so you can just use the airplay on your phone to stream to that

    PS: Apple TVs airplay ABSOLUTELY sucks just saying
    (as in it's really slow and i highly either recommend this over the apple TV or another program called AirServer)(AirServer has a good free trial that lasts 7-days BUT doesn't record)
  11. X-Treme

    X-Treme Doctor Bones

    i just noticed this, how the hell did you get an adamantite forge?
  12. NightFire

    NightFire Cave Bat

    how else? XD it's pretty easy
  13. X-Treme

    X-Treme Doctor Bones

    They have hardmode???????? WTF WAI I NOT HERE BOUT THIS.
  14. NightFire

    NightFire Cave Bat

    They don't where did you hear this?
  15. GaMe

    GaMe Mouse

    Just cookies
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  16. israphial

    israphial Cursed Man

    I like your house.

    The lava trap mechanism is also cool. You need more anti-clown things though...
  17. Hickey19

    Hickey19 Angel Statue

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    How did u get wings
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    How explain
  18. Linh

    Linh Green Slime

    Hey. How to have 20 hearts like terraria on pc
  19. you cant
    10 is maximum on mobile
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  20. terraboy

    terraboy Cave Bat

    Sorry but there's no hardmode on mobile version

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