My Terraria Lp (don't fear me)

Discussion in 'Let's Play Terraria!' started by runedj4, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. runedj4

    runedj4 Green Slime

    hey guys its runedj4 here forgot to post this awhile back but here it is.
    play list:
    episode 1:
    episode 2: Before you watch it i warn you i was not right and did not back up the world. I know this episode was lack luster and i will try to make sure it dose not happen again.
    episode 3:
    episode 4:
    episode 5:
    episode 6:
    episode 7:
    episode 8:
    episode 9:

    Have fun if you liked the video comment rate and sub and if you don't like one or all of my videos, please do tell me what i could could do better.
    I also have a new minecraft series in the works, it going to replace my tekkit and its a Feed The Beast modpack LP hopefully in the near future.
  2. Frosty Fawx

    Frosty Fawx Bone Serpent

    Pretty average for a LP.
    You should probably turn down the sound, it overpowers your voice at times. Personally I think you should rewatch and skip any boring parts via jumpcut.

    Good luck :p

    ( I do not have any experience in recording LPs but this is my PERSONAL OPINION)
  3. runedj4

    runedj4 Green Slime

    thanks for the feed back : D ill implment it into episode 7 or 8. notice improvement from their : D

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