My terraria world won't load.

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Andrew1333, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Andrew1333

    Andrew1333 Green Slime

    I try to open my terraria world and it says Failed To load and No Backup Found :/
    I had a lot in my chests and now I will probably have to start all over with everything.
    I have not tried to mod it or anything either.
  2. Lyra

    Lyra Fire Imp

    Check here: Documents -> My Games -> Terraria -> Worlds

    Is your world there?
  3. agreed with lyra

    has it perhaps been deleted by a roommate or family member? accidentaly by a program? :eek:
    if so then just reinstall it my friend!
  4. SuperJay

    SuperJay World Feeder

    You of course backed up your Terraria folder recently.... right? If not, hopefully this will be the learning experience that motivates you to do so in the future.

    I've never tried to "fix" a world that wouldn't load, but if you still have the .WLD file in your Worlds folder, you might be able to open it in TEdit or something.
  5. Dratattack

    Dratattack Green Slime

    The same happened to me. If you're using Windows 7 (perhaps other versions have this), simply right click your world file, and click "Restore previous versions", wait for the list to load and load the most recent. Problem solved (though the world version may be a few days old).
  6. Andrew1333

    Andrew1333 Green Slime

    No one else use this computer U.U
  7. Andrew1333

    Andrew1333 Green Slime

    Yeah ha I will back it up from now on.. I tried everything.. nothing worked :/
    But since then I got most of the stuff I had in there back.

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