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    A big update everyone: Elfheim is finally released!

    Feel free to go here in order to download the map.

    You can also find it on Curse here.

    Click for original post (open)


    Welcome indeed! This is my thread for my ongoing Terraria project: Elfheim. As the sign above suggests, Elfheim is a world to explore, home of my creations and yet otherwise full of untouched, natural beauty. It is within this thread that I will post a variety of screenshots as I progress, slowly but surely, towards a finished product; there are still many more things I wish to build in Elfheim before I release the complete map, but it seems best to post some of them for everyone to see along the way.

    But before I begin posting, however, I'd like to say a few words on my ultimate goal for this world. As mentioned, I want this world to be an exploration map. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it's quite simple, really. I want this map, once released, to be one anyone can download and simply enjoy roaming around in. Even more so, I'd like it to be a map in which players can start anew and play through a regular Terraria game, except one filled with unique and fun things to discover. Furthermore, insofar as it is my desire to maintain the natural beauty of the world, I will also be designing it such that players need not disturb said beauty in order to progress. It is my hope to eventually arrange the entire world such that players need only mine ores, gems, and other valuables in order to play the game, therefore leaving the pastoral charm of the world intact. I really love everything about Terraria, so you may consider this my homage to all its wonder and fantasy.

    So without further ado, here are some screenshots!


    Here is the log cabin I built in the snow biome in the middle of the map. Designed to be a cozy retreat for those cold, dangerous nights in the early game, this place has most of the basic amenities a starting player might need.


    Here is the small keep I replaced the dungeon entrance with. It has an outpost on the right that holds the spread of the nearby corruption at bay. More on this creation here:


    This is the forward base I built in the jungle right on top of the only tunnel down into its overgrown underground. Again, more on that here:


    Here is one of the many Lava Temples I dotted about the lava layer. The crystaline structure nearby is home to a single fireblossom planter. Several such strutures surround each temple, turning them into fireblossom farms and crafting stations for bottles (via the hellforge).


    Sister to the Lava Temples are the Water Temples. The crystaline structures here house waterleaf planters, and each Temple has a potion station nearby (the bottle with the water candles). Put together and combined with the natural obsidian that forms in the layer, these temples act as everything the player needs to create obsidian skin potions on the go.


    This particularly blue creation is my ready-made hardmode Mushroom Base! It's definitely a solid HQ, but starting players will need to free the mechanic before they can make use of it (assuming, that is, they don't just mine out the active stone blocks baring access).



    Last, but not least, are the structures I built both leading up to and on the floating islands. I wanted to spice up that fantastical terrain a little bit, so I decided to create various structures dedicated to my favorite thing about them: Wyverns! Endless credit and approbation goes out to both Kaing and TohKlidan for their brilliant asian-esque designs that I both mimicked and modified in order to populate my flying lands.


    A temple dedicated to Wyverns, complete with sacred tomes upon small altars. As you may have noticed, the colour scheme is supposed to match Wyverns themselves.


    An open air bathhouse and water well. Privacy not guaranteed, unfortunately...


    And finally a Zen Rock Garden (like the sign says). I built it using active stone block so that the pearlsand couldn't spread the Hallow and ruin the look I was going for.

    That's it for now, I guess. That's pretty much everything I have finished thus far. Posts in the future will be much smaller, as I figured I'd start this thread off with a bang. I welcome comments, criticisms, suggestions, and all manner of discussion; this world is being created so that others can enjoy it, after all (and also to simply express my love for Terraria).

    So thank you for stopping by (and if you did, reading everything I had to say). I wish everyone the best, and Yay for Terraria!


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  2. Stickyicky

    Stickyicky Zombie

    very nice work... you do well with molding your buildings with the surrounding landscape
  3. Enzym

    Enzym Umbrella Slime

    Long story short... Epic,I love them all:p
    Ok back to OZ..
  4. razortazor

    razortazor Doctor Bones

    i havent seen anything like this in a while keep adding to it!
  5. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    really like the Wyvern temple, good work.
  6. Torol

    Torol Bone Serpent

    So... this is pretty amazing.
    I'm looking forwards to the rest, and can't wait until this is downloadable!
    Really great job.
  7. SkidsKnight

    SkidsKnight Squirrel

    World so far looks great. Keep up the good work.
  8. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    Many thanks to everyone for all their kind words. I truly appreciate them, believe me.

    I have just taken the world to hardmode and am now cleaning up damages wraught by sudden hallow/corrupt-ification. I am in the midst of another project, though I am not sure when it will be done. I may post some WIP shots if it seems it won't be finished before my upcomming trip.
  9. Anomaly0.01

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    Alright, here's my first update. It's still a work in progress, and I may take a short break on it to continue other projects, but I thought I'd show what I've got so far. Currently, everything you see here is just one big extended base entrance. The actual base is... nowhere near complete.


    Please forgive the darkness of this image, but I couldn't shine any more light into the tunnel without destroying all its wonderful thorns. This tunnel is the only surface entrance into the corruption, and it's full of courrupted thorns the whole way down. As you proceed, the purple torches actually go out behind you. Combined with the claustrophobic atmosphere created by the thorns, it feels distinctly... uncomfortable.


    Here is the actual corruption cave itself. I restyled the whole thing with stalagtites and water pools to give it a real deep, dank feeling to go with the general claustrophobia. You might also be able to see the blooming deathweed in this shot; the random flashes from the plants dot the whole cave, giving it really dynamic lighting.


    And here is the piece de resistance thus far: my Corrupted Church! Demon altars, more deathweed, and a Shadow Orb all cast bleak lighting inside this grim chapel, really making it feel eerie. The central pit is somewhat of an altar that I've come to nickname The Mouth of the Void. You leap down it and fall, fall, fall, in almost total darkness, to reach the actual base itself.

    So that's it. I apologize if these images are too dark; I wanted the corruption base and its entrance to feel very dangerous and unwelcoming, you see. In Terraria, darkness is always dangerous, so it was the obvious choice.

    Either way, whether you got a good look at these creations or not, I appreciate your stopping by.

    Hopefully more updates shortly, and Yay for Terraria!
  10. wedge27

    wedge27 Green Slime

    :eek: that should have been the evil lair winner easy :eek:

    how r the banners black and red tho?
  11. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    Unfortunately, this wasn't done when the Evil Lair Compendium came up, so I couldn't submit it then. But thanks for the sentiment :)

    As for the banners: it's all in the lighting. Green banners lit by purple torches completely change their coloration. Same thing happens with other banners in certain lighting (blue banners with yellow torches look pretty cool too).
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  12. PamTech

    PamTech Bunny

    Oh man! This stuff is great!
    Keep on adding :D Cant wait for its release! Really love all of the ideas you have going on. Really brought some great ideas to my head. Thanks for sharing! :D
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  13. WarfighterSev

    WarfighterSev Dark Caster

    I really love the Mushroom Biome base! I am making a Compilation thread for my creations and I have a user feature and I will put that on there. I really love it.

    I also like how you put small alters, temples, and statues just for ambiance. Really makes it look good. Everything I make has to be a big building or something.

    I really like your style and hope to see some more :D
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  14. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    First, another thanks for the feature; it's very flattering and I really, really appreciate it. Your words were very kind and your enthusiasm truly brightened my day. :)

    As for the small buildings, I hope to create more. I'm currently working on an idea for farms dotted about the world; I hope to post a picture or two soon. That being said, I wish I actually could do larger builds. After a certain size things start to surpass my ability to make them look good. So yeah, consider yourself envied for your ability to create large builds ;)
  15. mellsbells

    mellsbells Green Slime

    This is completely amazing, I really can't wait for it to be complete to explore everything myself. It's going to be a lot of fun - especially with a new character! As WarfighterSev said already, the small alters are probably my favourite part - exploring and then finding one randomly placed really does add to the atmosphere, and makes the entire land feel more mysterious, as if there's tons of history behind it that the player is unaware of.

    Great job, and keep it up! As I said before, can't wait to see it completed!
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  16. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    Wow. Thank you very much for such evidently sincere compliments! They are much appreciated :D

    It also seems that I'm going to have to dot more small things around the world; people seem to really like them. Here's hoping racking my brain for new ideas will bear fruit!
  17. Diolate

    Diolate Green Slime

    looove the glowing mushroom one
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  18. Anomaly0.01

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    And after more than two weeks, here's another update. It's unfortunately small, but that can't be helped right now; more on that at the end of this post.

    Either way, I was told in previous comments that scattering various small creations about the world gives it a lot of character, adding a sense of mystery to the world and making rewards for exploration more common. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to repurpose the various mineshafts you find underground. Now, instead of merely being nifty scenery surrounding chests and other treasures, they're farms too!


    The moonglow lights each farm up with a wonderful blue at night, making all of them both pleasing to the eyes as well as easier to find. Additionally, every farm has a switch above its door, allowing players to light up each one permanently as they discover it; also they're daybloom farms, so the lights help for actually harvesting as well.


    There are also corrupted farms in the Underground Corruption. They have the same moonglow and lights, but grow deathweed instead of daybloom and are full of thorns. On the bright side, they light up like Christmas trees on the Blood Moon, making them absurdly easy to find while they're blooming.

    So there you are. There are almost two dozen of these nestled in various caves around the world. The barrel in each farm holds treasure just like the regular gold chests in mineshafts, but now, after the barrel has been looted, the overall structure continues to serve a purpose for as long as the player desires potions.

    That's not all for now, however; I've also included another variety of small structure that players can find on the surface.


    It looks very strange. It's too thin to be a tunnel. Perhaps it's a vent. Where does it lead?... Let's go explore and find out ;)

    A mystery best solved by actually playing, I think, so I won't spoil it with screenshots. That being all, then, thank you for taking a look at this update despite its small size, and Yay for Terraria!

    PS: I said I'd say more on why I haven't been online much, so here it is: I'm leaving for a 32-day trip to Japan in six days time, so I've been absurdly busy of late prepairing for that. While I'm away, I evidently won't be able to create or post new content; my apologies, but I hope you can forgive me the vacation. I will most probably have a few chances to jump online, however, both in order to reply to comments and dole out accolades to others' wonderful builds. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying spring and beginning of summer, and I wish everyone the best. Cheers!
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  19. star_guardian

    star_guardian Demon Eye

    I love your use of lighting! Have you tried purple torches near green grass? They make the grass look like it's hallow when it's dark out :)
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  20. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    That sounds very cool. I may indeed attempt that in the future :)

    And thanks. I try to use unique lighting in each of my creations; the lighting engine in Terraria adds so much flavour by virtue of its incredible variety. So, if you have any other lighting tips, please share them; the more options the better :D

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