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    Excellent. Look forward to it.

    Anyways gents, I've finally added the *base* section of our clan resources section. As more contributions are added to our clan stockpile, I'll add more links accordingly. Hopefully will replace those hideous links with more colorful images as well.


    Xerao is awarded 6.05 favor points for a total of three assignments submitted to me via PM. This also brings his rank in the Cultist's Circle to 2, Acolyte. Some congratulations are in order. :)
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    Thanks! I'm working on another one, I quite enjoy these Freelance assignment options. I'll probably build something when I get back home, though.


    Just finished another Report, this one on the Corruption.

    Exploring the Corruption (open)
    From the Desk of Angelo the Craftsman
    Exploring the Corruption

    As I sat in my watchtower, looking over the land, I couldn't help but notice that familiar purple swath of land off in the distance. I wondered what that place was actually like, since I'd only heard horror stories from explorers, and I doubted much of what I had been told. Naturally, my first thought was to explore that piece of land.

    So, I gathered my things and set off. It took me only a half day to reach the "Corruption" as I've heard it called. My first thought was that the place was dismal at best. A forest of seemingly dead trees (though they still had leaves on them) went on for a large distance. Cautious, I drew my sword and continued onward, not willing to back off when I had already gotten this far. Halfway (I believe, I really couldn't measure the distance) through the forest, a strange thing attacked me. It's skin was pale and crackly, and it had large horns, and only one, terrifying eye. It flew, yes, flew at me. I only just had time to stab it in it's mouth. Had I have been a fraction of a section slower, I'm afraid I wouldn't be writing this report.

    That… thing dealt with, I continued on, ever vigilant. It was only now I thought that maybe I should have recruited some guards, but it was too late for that. Besides, I doubt they would have agreed to go into this hellish place with me. But, onwards. I finally emerged from the forest (if it could even be called that,) only to be greeted with a huge chasm of dark stone. I creeped over to the edge, peering down the chasm. It was both dark and deep, which worried me. But, first, I had to look into what was around it. I took out my pick, and removed a few pieces of the rock. It took longer then I thought it would, and I could only get small pieces.

    The rock glowed slightly, giving off a sinister dark aura. It was incredibly dense and hard. I wondered as to how this had happened, but I was finished playing with rocks. Time to go into the chasm. I took out and lit some torches, and took out my trust grappling hook. I set a torch at the top, then jumped down into the chasm, ignoring my fears. After a minute of falling, I threw my hook, and placed another torch. I continued on like this, dodged and fighting those same monsters as before (though it seemingly larger amounts) until I reached the Chasm floor.

    When I finally stopped falling, I threw a few glowsticks and placed some torches. It was rather dark. I found that the Chasm led to a network of caves at the very bottom, which connected to other Chasms. Peculiar, indeed. I also managed to find odd bits of stone that rose from the floor, with spikes set in the top. Those bits of stone glowed with the same dark energy as the stone, only twice as brightly. This disturbed me greatly, and when I tried to touch the "Altar" (as I'm calling it now, since it looks like an altar for a Pagan religion,) a shock ran up my arm and down my spine. It hurt, a lot. Knowing now that I probably should not touch these things, I continued on.

    Down at the bottom, I gathered a few samples of a strange purple plant. Who knows, it could be useful for the Alchemists. Deciding that my journey to this place should probably be over, I decided to leave. As I stepped past the "Altar" from before, I heard a huge roar. From underground. After a moment, a giant…. Worm (I think?) breached the ground, flying through the air towards me. I dodged, cutting it with my sword. Though some of it's flesh came loose, it seemed otherwise unaffected. This Worm-Thing was horrifying. It was like many of those monsters from before strung together, with a horrible excess of spikes. Clearly, this was not something to mess with.

    Hurrying now, I scaled the chasm from before with my grappling hook, dodging the massive worm all the while. When I reached the top, I ran, finding that the worm followed me, even through the forest. As I sprinted through the dead trees, it chased after me, felling the trees that happened to be in it's way without care nor consequence.

    It was only after I had escaped the forest that the thing seemed to stop following me, for it looped around and shot into the air multiple times, roaring at me until it finally gave up and returned home. My travels home from then on were uneventful compared to my experiences in the "Corruption."

    Having survived to talk about that hellish place was more of an accomplishment then I had first assumed, and I now regard those explorers with the utmost respect for having traveled there. As I sit here, writing this, I can express only so much through words that this place has be explored more before ordinary people can travel there. I recommend the Enforcer's should make a full expedition.

    Anyway, I'll be sending this report to the Inner Circle, along with a box of materials and pictures of things mentioned in this paper. I hope this will help us to better understand what we are up against.

    ~Angelo the Craftsman
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    Freelance assignment of the cultist's circle.
    Jack, the adept.
    Study of a curse

    Most unwitting adventurers often go into the dungeon, either to be killed by skeletron or ripped apart by the dungeon guardians. I have looked through the studies and files and it seems we know little about the curse of skeletron.

    Skeletron arrives only at night, and studies conclude sunlight is very painful towards skeletron, enraging it. In it's rage, skeletron is more powerful, effectively killing in one hit. Skeletron geys a host by entering into the host as a sprit, sucking away the host's soul, and taking control of the host's bone structure. The host cannot fit into the crowd, and must be alone wherever he/she goes. The host endures extreme pain, and moe often than not, goes crazy.

    How does skeletron leave the host to fight? Skeletron takes control of the bones and rips apart the host. Skeletron rips the bone system out of the body and attacks any unlucky advebturer who gets in its way. If deafeted, skeletron goes into a large hibernation, which is about 1,000 years, before finding another host. The host's spirit returns to the host, reviving him/her.

    That is my study on the curse of skeletron. I hope you find it satisfactory.
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    Amazing assignment man!:)
    (i cried when i read it:
    Tears of joy.:)
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    Just curious, when do you think you'll get a server up/ do you have a world for said server ready? If not, we could have a build day where the Maker's can come on and make the world ready for everyone else.
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    Well, not entirely sure if, or when I'll get a server up. I don't believe my connection is really built for maintaining things like that. I was mostly hoping a future clan member could handle things like that.

    I'm perfectly capable of hosting games for a decent amount of people, however. (Which is why I added that Servers/Hosts section to the Table of Contents)

    I like the idea though. Even if we won't have a server for awhile, we could still have the Maker's Circle and myself come to a world to build on to get it ready for when we do/or for co-operative plays here and there. I'll see if I can work something in there.

    Now then. Clan business,

    Click here to reveal all of the favor points awarded (open)
    I awarded 2.00 points to CycloneX5 for a freelance assignment he submitted to me via PM.
    I awarded 2.00 points (some being bonus) to xXJ4NXx for contributing to the Enforcer's Circle Potions Gathering Assignment.
    I awarded 2.60 points (some being bonus) to Xerao for 2 Cultist's Circle Assignments, and contributing to the Enforcer's Circle Potions Gathering Assignment. (with a penalty)

    Excellent report, Craftsman. Do be careful with your expeditions, however. We have lost lives of both the Maker's Circle and Enforcer's Circle for exploration of the unknown.

    At least, I'm pretty sure we've lost them. (It's been months since any reported back)

    (Mind-melting reading, just like last time. I award 2.10 points for this one.

    Ah, Skeletron. I've seen many new adventures torn into shreds when having attempted to fight him. Grisly sight.

    Satisfactory indeed, a good insight into the curse of Skeletron. I award 0.90 points for this.

    Looking forward to all of your next submissions.
  7. Paperbags

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    I meant as to when you'd find a server hoster, but whatever. I'll be patient, I was just curious.

    Thank you for the points and the compliments, I'll be sure to keep those reports coming.
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    Well, it stands either way. [​IMG] Don't have a world ready for that time, and I'm not sure when there will be a server (I might offer a steady stream of favor points for as long as the server is up to one who hosts it, once I add the section for servers/willing game hosts). Though, since I am capable of hosting co-operative, I think it'd be a fine idea to have the Maker's Circle begin building up such a world in preparation.

    Looking forward to it.
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    Steam: Age: 16 Character Name: My IGN and steam are both xland44. Which Circle Are You Joining?: Enforcer What's Your Reason for Joining?: I'm one of funepicwin's friends, and I saw his signature, this looks like a pretty good clan. I would have joined the Maker's circle, if I was good at drawing. I like PVP alot too, and gathering items, so I guess Enforcer is also good. Skills & Talents: I'm really good at using mechanisms, building, and PVP. I'm quite nice, active, and I'm a mod on a few servers so dont worry about me griefing. OPTIONAL: Your Character in Their Circle's Dress Code:
  10. Mikers

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    I'm going to hold off accepting you for a moment, just to say that you don't actually *have* to be graphics artist to be in the Maker's Circle. All assignments are optional, and you can choose the ones you want to do as you wish.

    If you still want to join the Enforcer's Circle, or wish to go with Maker's, let me know, and I'll add you to our members list.
  11. xland44

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    It's OK, I'll go with the enforcers. I understand that all assignments are optional, but if it is out of your circle you get 1/3 of the points.
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    I hope we can get a server host soon. Since I may be getting a new desktop in a few months, maybe that could host a server?
  13. After life

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    Yes very much needed.
  14. suicidepikle

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    Hello I would like to join the maker's circle.
    Notable things:not too much freetime
    IGN: DickTheDwarf
    reason for joining: very creative mind and love for RP
    talents:creativity, errrm.... yeh thats mainly it
    me wearing dress code:too lazy to crop a screenshot so instead
    brown hair
    hair style:the other kind of beard(not the old man's beard)
    mime mask
    hallowed plate mail and greaves
    my acesorioes are
    cross necklace, Neptune's shell, Hermes boots, demon wings, and warrior emblem,all have the violent prefix.took so much gold to reforge em all to that
  15. suicidepikle

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    No reply? lets see...Didn't resurrect a dead thread.....ummmm
  16. CycloneX5

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    Seeing as I am going to go looking for comps tomorrow, maybe the server will be up soon!
  17. After life

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    What happen to miker he has not been on?
  18. suicidepikle

    suicidepikle Green Slime

    I have no idea,My application has been up for a while,no reply
  19. After life

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    Don't worry your in!:)
  20. CycloneX5

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    He's been on Steam sometimes, but I haven't talked to him yet.

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