Mythical Magic Harp?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Relinies-the-Wizard, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    I've been trying to get the Mythical forge on my Magic Harp, and gone through 113 platinum doing so. Nothing. What's the problem?
  2. suckapunch Cursed Skull

    idk I have one and I got it on my first try *trollface* but seriously I would give up if it cost you that much
  3. Necrolance Doctor Bones

    Mythical is one of the rarest magic reforges. I got a few randomly, but it's mostly luck. If you get a celestial, settle for that. Or a mystic. One of those two.
  4. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    I've gotten both of these things, but never a Mythical on my Harp. However, i've gotten Mythical on every OTHER magic item I have.
  5. Dranmarth Green Slime

    The harp has no knockback, therefor it can not have Mythical as a prefix, the best one for the harp is Mystic, I didn't figure this out until I had spent 100 plat in reforges, good thing I've got a lot of coin
  6. steamtonk Green Slime

    your a fuckin liar saying that you have a mythical magic harp
  7. Nomig Voodoo Demon

    Soooooooooooooooo true
  8. Nakano15 Devourer

    Found at Terraria Wiki.

    If you put your harp on a chest,and edit his value to Mythical using TEdit,it can be Mythical,but it will be cheating.
  9. Brother Lame Slimed Zombie

    I take it you didn't notice the troll face in his post then? :/

    But yes OP, as others have said Mythical isn't a prefix you can get (legit) for the Harp, because it has no knockback.
  10. suckapunch Cursed Skull

    and you're a fuckin' idiot for not noticing the *trollface* I put in there and for necroing an old thread for no reason
  11. fightersharp Dark Caster

    And your bein a bitch about it.
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  12. MasterPerplex Demon Eye

    ive noticed certain weapons have tendancy to stick to certain types of buffs so it just might not get it :S I personaly had to spend about 30plat to get it :S dont wory about it the only think magical harp is good against is Destroyer when it comes to everything else demon scythe is better both offensivly and deffense
  13. Valanthril Rikku

    Stop the arguing and namecalling. Anways this was answered

    So closed
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