Need help with Twins. Rate my character please.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Pieman_Fiddy, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    Hi, I couldn't think of where else to put this, so I'm just going to come out and say it.

    I'm having trouble killing The Twins. I have no problem killing Spazmatism or whichever one has the green flames, but when I get Retinizar in his second form, he unloads a freakin machine gun on me and I can't doge it. Even with Swiftness potions. I've also tried Gravitation potions which didn't seem to help either, and my fire rate was also distorted.

    If anyone could help me or give me a viable strategy, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Character Stats/Equipment.

    400 HP
    200 Mana

    Adamantite Mask (Ranged Bonus)
    Hallowed Chestpiece (Destroyer is easy)
    Adamantite Greaves

    Adamantite Repeater (with 750 cursed arrows)
    Megashark (with 1,000 crystal bullets)

    I tend to switch between the two.

    Spectre Boots (Warding)
    Cloud in a Bottle (Warding)
    Philosophers Stone*
    Obsidian Shield*
    Lucky Horshoe*

    *I can't remember the prefix on these, but I know it was something with melee speed and movement speed.

    Ironskin Potion x5
    Regeneration Potion x5
    Thorns Potion x3
    Archery Potion x5

    EDIT: My strategy is simple. I built a sky bridge above my home which extends roughly halfway through the map (medium world) on both sides. Spazmatism will stay on the level of the bridge and I can shoot him there while Retinizar shoots lasers at me (which I doge 50% of the time)

    When they charge at me, I use my rocket boots to get them up high, and then dual-hook to the opposite direction to regain my speed and repeat the process.

    While my megashark does more DPS and the crystal bullets do splash damage, I can't help but feel that it's not enough.

    Once again, any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    Only use complete armor sets. The set bonuses (especially for hardmode armors) are SO IMPORTANT! If you can make yourself another adamantite chest plate, it will help immensely. When Retinazer starts going full-auto, I find that flying straight up dodges almost all the lasers. Also, if you have/can find a cross necklace, that will help dramatically. I would switch the cloud for it. If you don't have one, I've got one that I could trade.
  3. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    The full set of adamantite only offers me more melee speed to my knowledge. Against The Twins, melee speed is useless, plus it gives me less defense.

    Though I could be wrong. I'll give it a try while I'm farming more mechanical eyes.
  4. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    There are three helms for each hardmode armor set. I guess you need to make a ranged helm, too.
    Also, the one point of defense that the Hallowed chest plate has over the Adamantite is NOT worth giving up your 25% chance to not consume ammo.
  5. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    My megashark already has a 50% chance not to consume ammo, does that stack with it?

    Also yes, I AM wearing the ranged helmet for Adamantite. I would get the hallowed one if I had the right Souls.
  6. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    Yes, it stacks (to total at about 66% I think).
    Now all that's left is a cross necklace. It makes all the difference.
  7. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    I know, but as I've mentioned before, I have no problem with my current setup, it's just the machine gun laser that gives me trouble. I got Spazmatism taken care of, and Retinizar had like 1K health left before it killed me.. so if I can just find a way to dodge those lasers, I can win this fight.

    You mentioned just flying straight upwards? Will that require Gravitation potions?
  8. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    You could use rocket boots or Gpotions. I use my wings. I guess "straight" up is a little misleading. When I fight the twins, I'm always running one direction. When I fly up, I don't stop running. This strategy also make Retinazer a very easy target, as he will try to stay level with you.
  9. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    Speaking of Wings. Wouldn't wings render things like the Rocket Boots or Cloud in a Bottle useless since it's like all of those things combined? I suppose the same could be said about the lucky horshoe since it also has slow fall :l

    I could make wings pretty easily too, I just don't know if it'd be another integral strategy to fighting The Twins.
  10. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    I LOVE my wings. They do, in my opinion, replace horseshoe, rocket boots, and cloud. However, the hermes boots are still important.
  11. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    Duly noted. I just need gravitation potions now. Maybe some wings if the gravs don't work.

    Exactly how long to the wings last? Like, how many times can you use them in a single flight?
  12. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    You use them every time you jump. Also, I find that the flight time is just about perfect for dodging those full-auto lasers of his. I take between 0 and 2 hits from that attack using this strategy.
  13. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    I know I use them when I jump, but how many times can I use them until they wear off?
  14. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    They're an accessory... there's no limit. You get so much flight time until you land on the ground again (or grapple to something).
    When you jump, hold the jump key. You don't have to "flap" them.
  15. Trashcan-Man

    Trashcan-Man Demon Eye

    Gotta use them Cursed Bullets, if I remember right. Was the best thing to use on that boss.
  16. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    But aren't crystal bullets better damage? They have that splash damage effect.
  17. Nisoth

    Nisoth Green Slime

    I always use crystal. I'm pretty sure they're better damage. I'll double check.
    EDIT: Yeah, cursed bullets do 12, and add cursed flame debuff (which bosses are immune to)
    Crystal bullets do 9, then shatter into 3 more shots doing 60% of original bullet's damage each(for a total of 180% if each shot hits - a good chance on the bosses).
  18. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    It's actually lower damage than cursed, but it has a splash effect that hits multiple enemies.

    I suppose in THIS case, I can used cursed. =/
  19. AS3

    AS3 Cursed Man

  20. Pieman_Fiddy

    Pieman_Fiddy Green Slime

    Ok cool. Thanks! It appears the Lucky Horseshoe is useless after all!

    @Nisoth - I'll be using crystal bullets then :)

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