Need Ideas for find ressources in the aim to finalize a tehnical demo game ^^

Discussion in 'Art' started by dtravailloux, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. dtravailloux

    dtravailloux Green Slime

    Hello everybody !

    My soon of 5 years say to me it was too hard to play Terraria but he love too much. As I use C# in my job, I started to develop my own game from "Zero", taking some pictures from another game (I am a very bad graphist lol ^^).

    More and more I write the code, I want to put stuff and ideas....but I want to make a playable sandbox technical overview version as soon and possible and add stuff after only.

    Difference with Terraria we love : more RPG scenario & quests, skills, NPC who have their life..i love UO so i will put some elements in it..your choices will modifiate NPC actions in the world. You must to choose and make your choices...they will be a end..(in my game, I think we will start from underground for up or start will be different in relation of your type of character)

    => SO I need some ressources or people for make sprite for the technical version..I don't know that future will be and don't want to promise something. If you maked some stuff and If you are agree for I use it free in this technical demo, It would be nice to send me on my email : [email protected]

    This a picture of really early version of my amateur game.

    ps : dont't afraid of FPS because I take the picture on old computer and need rain system optimizing





  2. LightFlow

    LightFlow Eskimo Zombie

    The dirt blocks and clouds are exactly like in Terraria, i recon you should change that.
  3. dtravailloux

    dtravailloux Green Slime

    Yes i want to change all but need to start :)
  4. lizzzard01

    lizzzard01 Pixie

    To be honest that logo would give me a headache so badly. It's really hard to read.
  5. dtravailloux

    dtravailloux Green Slime

    Hello Lizzard01 !

    would you like to make me a Logo for the game ? "Dig Universe"

    It would be nice thank you !! I look for sprite if you are interested !

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