Need one, maybe 2, partners for let's play.

Discussion in 'Let's Play Terraria!' started by cejj99, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. cejj99

    cejj99 Squirrel

    Hello everyone! I am in need of 1-2 people to do a Terraria LP with. I can record and upload, but one of you needs to host. I have a few requirements though. 1. No younger than 12 2. Enough experience with the game to know what your doing. 3. A mic and Skype, or Steam if your not comfortable with Skype.
    4. Need to be able to host. My dad doesn't want be hosting a server, as I don't have a good internet connection, and it would slow everything down to about Dial-Up speed. 5. This isn't a requirement, but I'd like you to be mature enough, but not so mature you are boring. Also, no language that is too vulgar, some bad jokes here and there are fine, but not too much. I am 12, turning 13 the 27 of November. If you are interested, please post some info about you in the thread, or PM me if your not comfortable with that. I am some what experienced with commentating and recording, I have uploaded about 20 videos to YouTube.
  2. ccil

    ccil Green Slime

    1. im 12 2. Ive somewhat beaten the game. 3. skype name: ngamer99 4. I host with hamachi 5. Im mature.
  3. cejj99

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    Ok, I'll add you. Not sure what I'll show up as on your contacts.

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