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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by LordZoma, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha



    The server has been up for 2 days on a Hamachi server and has (UPDATE:Slots on a first come first serve basis. Permanent residents must sign the sign.)

    This server will be meant for cooperative building and exploration.
    Ideally buildings should be kept realistic rather than works of art for map purposes.

    So far we have a road to hell, a budding fortress, a skyroad, and an obsidian generator.

    I'm interested in players of all types coming to join the server and taking residence or just stopping by to do a little exploration. I'm a avid player of RPGS, especially table-tops, so players looking to rp are welcome to join in.

    On Hamachi the server is

    Server: LordZoma
    Password: terraria
    IP Address:

    I'm KingAnor on the server. Please add your name to the residency sign at the entrance to the castle.
  2. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    For players looking for a server or planning on starting your own, I hope you decide to stop by here first. You might find this will be the server you'd like to stay at! Hope to see some players soon!
  3. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    And this server is FAST.

    I have a dedicated computer that doesn't get shut off on a fiberoptic connection (35mb download, 25mb upload), so the server will remain uninterrupted except on rare occasions.
  4. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Brand new players to the game welcome! I'm new myself, but my friend is experienced.
    Bring all your great items or show up bone naked and we'll help you out. Plenty of slots left!
  5. Zamixus

    Zamixus Doctor Bones

    Great Server!
  6. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Room for more residents on the server! Secure your space while we still have slots to fill! Fun server with friendly players!
  7. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Server looking for new players! We have space to accomodate you! Come join!
  8. pianoman348

    pianoman348 Green Slime

    no you dont i tried to join the hamachi but its full you can only hold 14 people
  9. k-van

    k-van Green Slime

    The server is full... I wouldlove to join but I cant.
  10. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Evicted one person and made a spot. I will endeavor to figure out which Hamachi players are the players who have taken residency on the server and free up room for the main people.
  11. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Update: One Space Free! Active players preferred!
  12. titanslayer1

    titanslayer1 Hornet

    Can i join. I'm very active and will follow any rules. Do we need new characters.
  13. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Yes, we have a spot open right now for a player!
  14. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Got another slot free! Cleared out a visitor.
  15. Party Smurf

    Party Smurf Cursed Man

    To bad it is filled already
  16. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Full again.
  17. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    Got another spot free. Builders preferred!
  18. titanslayer1

    titanslayer1 Hornet

    Full again.

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