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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Mining Penguin, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Hi guys I just wanted to say some new armors that I would like to see in Terraria They are all for beginners.
    1.) Slime Armor (For beginners.)
    2.) Wood Armor (For beginners.)
    3.) Stone Armor (For beginners.)
    Thanks guys and all this armor is for people who just start the game or if they started a new character and they need some armor before night falls.
  2. Fewd

    Fewd Cursed Skull

    I've seen suggestions with these armors on other threads. What you should do is be more specific, as in stats on the armor and possible set bonuses.

    Including images helps.
  3. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Ok, I can't do the images but I will say set bonus and such.
    1.) Slime Armor helmet need 20 slime gel. Chestplate needs 50 slime gel. Legs need 30 slime gel. The set bonus should be 5% more damage on slimes.
    2.) Wood Armor helmet needs 40 wood. Chestplate needs 70 wood. Legs need 50 wood. Set bonus should be 2% faster for cutting down trees with copper axe.
    3.) Stone Armor helmet needs 60 stone. Chestplate needs 90 stone. Legs need 70 stone. Set bonus should be 3% mining stone with the copper pickaxe.
  4. Owl

    Owl World Feeder

    Seems a bit pointless. People are going to skip these and copper. And just go on to iron, silver, and gold.
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  5. Owl

    Owl World Feeder

    Oh! and the wood armor and stone armor should have a set bonus of.
    Wood armor- 25% faster axe speed.
    Stone armor- 25% faster pickaxe speed.
  6. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    Personally, I never used armor until demonite. I was a rebel with 200 health.
  7. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Ahh, I see I was just saying this cause I thought it would be cool.
  8. Princess Celestia

    Princess Celestia Green Slime

    Slime armour is very pointless. Newbs aren't going to get about 100 slime, and if they can manage it then a measly bonus is useless.
  9. Ace Nightfire

    Ace Nightfire Eskimo Zombie

    This would make sense. +1
  10. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    All of these armors would feel awkward in the game.
    When copper is available, you're not going to make the wood, and the stone armor.
    Slime armor would be just weird.
    Although, I would like some more armors, but cool, end-game ones, that look awesome!
  11. Princess Celestia

    Princess Celestia Green Slime

    When I beat Skeletron I was disappointed with the reward. Maybe some armour from him?
  12. xNSDxCrusher

    xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

    I really like the idea I think they should be added to the game because some begginers need the armor, when I first started I felt like I really needed armor at the begging, nice idea and keep spreading the news!
  13. Princess Celestia

    Princess Celestia Green Slime

    Couldn't you have got Copper armour? It's not exactly hard to come by.
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  14. xNSDxCrusher

    xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

    I did get copper armor after the third day because you don't just find copper like that it takes time to find copper and make the copper armor!

    I'm just saying I would like to see these armors go into the game
  15. Chromeninja707

    Chromeninja707 Eskimo Zombie

    Wood armor could be some high-level mystical wood that increases mana, and stone armor could be translated into like imbued granite armor which would have a higher defense than molten armor but without the attack bonus. Just throwing some ideas out there...
  16. Lemondew

    Lemondew Green Slime

    Whoa whoa whoa, There's not a set bonus until Shadowscale armor! These things are eaiser to make than copper armor (which doesn't have a set bonus) and THEY have set bonuses! Even GOLD doesn't have a set bonus! Look at these! They're made outta WOOD and have a set bonus!

    SLIME ARMOR?!?!?!?!!? Geez, when defense would slime gel do?
  17. Thunderdiglett

    Thunderdiglett Green Slime

    ever since the new patch all armors have a set bonus, copper-gold armor just get an increased defence.
  18. Elcamo

    Elcamo Green Slime

    Perhaps slime armor requires a crazy amount of gel and offers little defense, but can negate some or even all fall damage along with giving a slight boost to jump height and speed. Not very much of a boost, it would be kinda like a weaker necro armor.

    definitely get rid of the wood and stone armor, they're wicked pointless
  19. Twisted6

    Twisted6 Squirrel

    About the wood and stone armor. I was just googling images for my mod and stumbled onto this thread :p I'm adding wood, stone, glass, obsidian armor sets/tiers and a bunch of other items to the game if anyone's interested. I don't mean to sound like a spammer, I just thought I'd let you know about it =P
  20. tt106

    tt106 Green Slime

    twisted.... why do i have to use a site that fricks my computer to get twisted mod beta

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