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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by LoSt Stark, May 28, 2011.

  1. LoSt Stark

    LoSt Stark Green Slime

    Mega Boss:I don't know if this is possible but if a boss could be summoned where it would be all 3 bosses (EOC) (EOW) and (Skeletron). To summon this boss you would have to combine the "Suspicicous looking eye" "worm bait" and "Angel Statue". It would have somewhere around 12000 health to 15000. He would NOT go away during the day because he would take a while to kill.

    Zombie Boss:He should be 12-16 blocks high. He should have around 2000 to 3000 health. He does around 20 damage per hit. As you attack him he should lose armor. (He would wear like cobalt armor or shadow armor).

    New Armor:Star armor is one of the ideas my friend came up with. You would have to gather 200-300 fallen stars to get the complete set because this would be like the ultimate armor. It would give 12 defense and would grant fast mana regen also using 70% less mana.

    New Weapons:Star Sword? I'm not sure if this would work but maybe...50 "fallen stars" and a "Muramasa" It would deal from 35-40 damage per hit.

    Changing the Rarity:I don't think the hooks should be as rare as they are. It once took my friend 3 hours to find just 1. Cobalt armor isn't even that rare.

    Edit 1:
    I think a bit more max health would suffice for the health system. Maybe 1200?? Maybe less?? After you hit around 400 health the life crystals would be rarer.

    Edit 2:
    I think that since there is a hell world in this game there could be a heaven...with PEACEFUL and friendly mobs. They could sell stuff??? Heaven would be across the whole map at the very top. If you attacked the mobs (Angels) they would attack in groups. (200 hp)
  2. Ike

    Ike Green Slime

    I think all of those ideas are great!
  3. a11111

    a11111 Green Slime

    Mega Boss idea is cool. It could be all of them combined at first, like a Skeletron with a tail and big eyes lol and then when you get to the second phase it splits up into all 3. Actually that gives me an idea for a Cthulu boss where you have to fight different body parts separately and then they all go together to make the entire Cthulu and you have to fight it.
  4. Krish

    Krish Demon Eye

    Mega boss: sounds nice. but not too OP.
    Zombie Boss: Losing armor? so you get the full set after you kill him? not a good idea.
    Star Armor: i have to turn down, as it is too soon in development to be thinking of a final armor suit. Your wanting to end the game so early? perhaps they have other plans.
    Star Sword: I guess its alright, though we pretty much already have a star themed sword with the Starfury.
    Rarity: I can easily get hooks no problem. Its just the players who don't want to take time to earn it. I have two words that can greatly help you on your quest for hooks. Kill + Trap.
  5. LoSt Stark

    LoSt Stark Green Slime

    What I meant by the zombie boss. You don't "get" the armor he just like his defense goes down.
    Star Armor:it's kinda meant for like a little later. Just an idea for them to think about.
    Starfury:it takes up alot of mana and is not extremely good.
    The Hooks:I guess aren't hard to get but it's kind of like boring to sit there and kill skeletons.
    Mega Boss:It would be the hardest boss but I guess I could agree. Not to OP

    Thankyou for the feedback :)

  6. Krish

    Krish Demon Eye

    Starfury + Meteor suit or Cobalt suit doesn't take much mana. i can easily knockdown many mobs with it.
    Mana isn't Starfury's problem. Its just too weak compared to the later on weapons like fiery greatsword and Sunfury.

    Star armor is a good idea, but maybe not the ultimate. Perhaps a lil something between Molten and Cobalt/Shadow. as the stars are easy to get.

    Mega boss will not be the hardest i'm sure. as new biomes or areas are represented, more ideas for bosses come out.

    Sorry to be bashing/discouraging your ideas. i'm just posting what i think. its merely an opinion.
  7. LoSt Stark

    LoSt Stark Green Slime

    Don't be sorry. I like the feedback. I know mana isnt the star furys problem. Your right is really weak compared to the fiery greatsword or sunfury. Star armor could be a bit weaker I guess and Mega Boss could be called maybe...Skeletorial Eater. Im not sure on the name and yeah as new biomes come out there would be better bosses.

    Thankyou For Your Feedback.
  8. Krish

    Krish Demon Eye

    Anytime :)

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