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Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Jaguargirl

    Jaguargirl Devourer

    I saw the FINAL BOSS thing and practically freaked out. Can't wait to see the console version, will definitely have to bug to buy it :p
  2. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Rated T for teens: Violence blah blah blah, and then... Suggestive Themes.

    What the hell?
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  3. BaNinjaDuck

    BaNinjaDuck Yellow Slime

    I got the chills from watching this video, well done.
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  4. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Went and looked at images of the Destroyer and EoW.

    I'm not convinced the shadowy image is either of them...though I need to go back and look.

    Both of the existing foes have two pincer jaws and two interior jaws. The shadow appeared to have an extra set on the outside.....looked more like a spider to me.

    Going back to look to be sure I am not FoS....

    Don't forget use of alcohol....
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  5. Bobrocket


    maybe from yorais mod

    fucking glowing mushrooms
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  6. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    I wish they could add more, but 505 sure knows how to make trailers. They did a pristine job with making the trailer.

    Overview of the new content.
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  7. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    The tutorial = yes. Does this mean the Guide has gone?! :O
  8. deathatyourheels

    deathatyourheels Green Slime

    If there isn't a sort of update or something for the PC version, shit's going down among PC gamers.
  9. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    We all hate the guide, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOOOOVED the fact that he could give you crafting recipes.
  10. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    No, he still must burn for his transgressions....and open doors to let zombies in to kill your npcs.

    (He was in the preview vids)
  11. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Yes, I wonder how ever they'll teach us all crafting recipes in one tutorial though. /sarcasm
  12. Lavasword400

    Lavasword400 Green Slime

    The NPC's flirt with each other. That is legitimate suggestive themes if you've seen some of the stuff they've said.
  13. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Really? Is there anything Teen about mentioning the word "dates"?
  14. MarcosL

    MarcosL Piranha

    I want to buy a xbox 360 just for this but in my country most consoles come hacked to play burned cd´s,and microsoft block hacked consoles via xbox live, F*** YOU HACKERS
  15. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Recipes show up in the crafting window now...right?
  16. iNfiniTe Se7eNz

    iNfiniTe Se7eNz Official Terraria Online Post Whore

    Only if you have ALL of the required materials.
    Except when you need to summon the Wall of Flesh.
    Sorry Guide. =(

    As for the trailer, I am now slightly more inclined to get Terraria on XBLA.
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  17. deend

    deend Bone Serpent

    I thought that was funny 2... use of alcohol...LONG DEATH TO THE GUIDE!!!
  18. TheUnrealMegashark

    TheUnrealMegashark Corrupt Goldfish

    I'm looking forward to everything. Well done, 505 Games. Hope the hate on the YouTube video doesn't deter you from perhaps adding some more content before release and fixing bugs such as the one where the item you're swinging isn't attached to your hand.
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  19. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    Not according to the videos with 505.
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  20. facepoppies

    facepoppies Bunny

    Excellent! Now release it.

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