New Critter: Turtles slowly moving their way into Terraria!

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Fubble, Jun 12, 2011.


Do you think Turtles should be added?

  1. They seem awesome!

  2. Eh..this idea seems kinda slow to me. (please explain why for I can improve the idea!)

  1. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    Who's that slowly inching his way into the world of Terraria? The turtle of course!

    The Turtle:

    Turtles would have 5 hp but would not be able to be killed like the other critters that roam Terraria. Turtles would spawn on grass, stone, or mud tiles near bodies of water. If a turtle enters the water it would swim on the surface for a short while and return back onto land. When a player gets within 3 tiles of the turtle they will retreat into their shells and hide but if a player catches a turtle in the water they can jump on and use the little guy as a nice stepping stone.


    Though they seem cute, these little guys get a bit violent during a blood moon or when exposed to vile powder....

    The Corrupt Turtle:
    The Corrupt Turtles are Turtles which have had vile powder thrown on them or were around during a blood moon. Corrupt turtles have 125 hp and 10 armor. They move just as fast as the
    player and deal 20 damage if they touch the player. When slain a Corrupt Turtle has a 1:50 (2%) chance to drop a Spiked Shell. The Spiked Shell works similar to other boomerangs only it does not move through the air, instead it slides on the ground bowling through enemies for 25 damage. The shell will return to the player if it hits into a tile or if it travels over 20 blocks away from the player (pretty nifty with a chance to hit enemies twice for 50 damage unless they dodge it!)


    I hope you like my little critters and if you have any feedback on anything about them I'd love to hear it! Thanks :D!
  2. Lulitsian

    Lulitsian Eskimo Zombie

    I like! :D Make a signature banner!
  3. Valorous

    Valorous Green Slime

    I fully Support this. Maybe other animals like deer as well? and squirrels!!! corrupted squirrels jumping out of the tree to scratch your face! AHHHHHH!

  4. themagicalcake

    themagicalcake Green Slime

  5. DeathTrouper

    DeathTrouper Green Slime

    This seems awesome :D
  6. Septimal

    Septimal Blazing Wheel

    Full support.
  7. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    I would love to if I knew how to make it so when people click the banner they go to the page :p
    Yeah that'd great! I plan on making quite a few different animals, turtles were only the first I did the art for :D
  8. The Sun Is a Myth

    The Sun Is a Myth Green Slime

    Yeah, just need some sort of insta-kill...
  9. Ryudo

    Ryudo Green Slime

    Full support, more critters and even rare critters is an awesome idea.
  10. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    bahahahaha xD
    Perhaps maybe if you have the full plumber outfit on you should be able to jump on and kill the regular turtles?
  11. themagicalcake

    themagicalcake Green Slime

    Or you can get some other monster to kill it
  12. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

  13. primo

    primo Green Slime

    this is a great idea you should make a fox one two or somtin :)
  14. Jderz

    Jderz Green Slime

    I would love to be able to jump on one and hitch a ride. They would make for fun makeshift platforms on the water too.
  15. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    Wow I like that idea a lot..I wonder if they could program it to be a solid platform when in its regular form. I'll add it thanks for the idea!
  16. Bobbunny

    Bobbunny Green Slime

    Tis FTW!
  17. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

  18. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    By the way, if anyone has any more suggestions for critters they'd like to see leave me a comment and I'll see if I can do it!
  19. Nelly

    Nelly Green Slime

  20. AyePirate

    AyePirate Tim

    That sounds pretty ccool. I like the idea!

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