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Discussion in 'Console' started by appleMech, Feb 5, 2013.

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    So, computer and video games has released a new gameplay, which has a handful of new content (it was already released in the teaser, but we get some info)

    For those who want to know what the new info is, its pretty much the stats of some of the new items.

    First we see the leggings of the new blue armor set, which will be for ranged (probably) and it has 2 more defense than the Hallowed Greaves.

    Next, when the player finishes equiping everything on the Social Slot, he gets a (dun dun dun!) achievement!

    Next he passes over the Vulcan Repeater on his inventory, which does 3 more damage than the Hallowed Repeater, has a 7% crit chance and transforms all ammo into Vulcan Bolts (which probably does a ton more of damage.)

    On the inventory a Brain item is also showed, which summons a pet Zombie!

    After that nothing else is new, except when Skeletron is being fought, you can see the Vulcan Repeater in use, and the Vulcan Bolts have the same effect as Hellfire Arrows (they explode on touch.)

    Sadly theres no music at all on the gameplay, and the controls, well, they seem a bit hard.
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    so... items stronger than hallowed!
  3. Loki ISP

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    Or similar tier with tailored options like pre-HM midgame armors.

    Great attention to detail - thanks!
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    Volcan and Titan are higher tiers, eh?

    I have a feeling the new desert-crab/spider-looking boss will be the difficulty equivalent of all current bosses simultaneously fought.
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