Pre 1.2 New goldmaking/soul farming method, works in the day, the Rabbit Suicide Booth.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Junion, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    First I would like to thank the member spystone, it was his initial 'soul of light' farming that gave me the general idea for this, I would also like to thank nuxohiz for his work with wiring...I think I got as much as I could out of this thanks to him...though I wouldn't be surprised if others who understand things more can do better than I did with this. I encourage others to improve on this design.

    As a note I tried timing how long it took me to earn a platnum using this method, it recorded at 3:25 to get a single platnum. Tools you will need to create this.

    At least 1 rabbit statue.
    A Blood moon or Vile powder.
    Access to a mechanic for wiring needs.

    With that said, the bunny suicide booth! Sorry for it being nighttime pictures..but it shows pretty well on my screen.


    And for the wiring behind it.


    The idea is very simple. I create a bunny (two pressure plates outside depending on where I wish to stand will both create rabbits). Then using the magic of a blood moon, or of vile powder. It goes from being a harmless bunny to a vile corrupt bunny, which makes it hop down through the platform (where before normal bunnies won't).

    It's pathfinding takes awhile to do it, but leads it to the right side, where it starts hopping as it meets a wall. This also pushes the six buttons below several times. Upon hopping up the wall it turns around and comes back after you. At which point it jumps into the lava, commiting suicide, and dies, giving you money.

    Alternately on a blood moon, you deactivate the 'active stone block' and stand on the bottom right..where they jump in down there.

    It should be noted you need a lot of vile powder in order for this to work if its not a blood moon. As you need to make sure it keeps producing corrupt bunnies.

    See it in action here!

    This is honestly my first test of it..and it did wonderful for me. An earlier version would get me 3 stacks of souls on a blood moon..and its wiring was much worse. This could be made more compact (bottom pathway only needs to be 2 high, not 3...get rid of the npc summon space). Though the rabbits drop needs to be slightly higher (coins wind up on the lip rarely).

    I do wonder if there is better wiring well as what more statues would do for it (say on a blood moon). I also wonder how this stacks up to a proper crab engine..but these are all things I don't have access to, and I havn't learned much on how to hack so...well that's that. I also wonder if you couldn't convert this into a proper engine of sorts, when one dosn't have access to crabs.

    Mostly this is up as I want to see what the community can do with it..and whats thought on it. Thanks for reading :).

    I've been working on a compact design..and it works's a prelim I made of it further down the page.


    I have found the bottom pathway needs to be down one more square (for the pathing to work correctly). Once you do that its just as reliable as the bigger version.
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  2. ReverseCp

    ReverseCp Squirrel

    Its nice, But seems a bit too complicated for the result? Idk. They need to 'pathfind' as you said. Could of been done better, but nonetheless there are many positives to what you created!
    You used the mobs to spawn more mobs (almost infinite [spawn limit] )
    You used two sources of lava to kill (options)
    And your wiring is quite neat.

    If you found a way to compact it by 100% or more, this would be really neat xD
  3. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Thanks for the reply. Sadly youtube is being slow or I could show you how this works, but once its uploaded I plan to attach a video. But for the pathfinding..its they always follow a certain startup is slow...but only if you arn't using the lower right enterance for the bloodmoon. But yeah..otherwise startup is a bit slow due to that.

    As for making it smaller. From what I can see I can do the following to it. Make the height smaller by 4 squares. Then make the width smaller by 5 squares. I do this by eliminating the NPC spot...making the rabbit pathway 2 tall, as well as changing the suicide booth lava option to have only 2 squares of lava (instead of 6). If you get rid of the bottom lava can shrink it by 2 more squares high. You can probably also change the bunny spawners (maybe veritical instead of horizontal, or have just one?) to get rid of 2 more squares of width.

    Which would actually take it from its current 21 high, 19 wide. To 15 high and, 12 wide. If any of the bottom spawn buttons are redundant..then you can remove another 2 width for each redundant button. I might see about giving it a smaller footprint..but right now I kind of like the options I have available :). Thanks for the reply though.
  4. ReverseCp

    ReverseCp Squirrel

    No problem, I'm glad you took it as constructive critism and didn't bash me for being negative like most people do, Again; thanks.
    I'd love to help you with this, On a server perhaps? Let me know if you'd like to do this
  5. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Well I'm about to go to bed as it is...I put it up here so maybe someone else who was interested might work on it. I'm honestly a newbie at wiring and at doing all of this. Plus I don't hack or have any worlds with an abundance of resources. What you see in the photo was created on a server I play with two other friends on.

    I'd be willing to work on this more otherwise. But the main problem I have now is I'm tired and need bed. The youtube video is sadly going to take around 3 hours to upload completely. So I think I'm going to head to bed. But...give me a few moments to leave you with a bit of a teaser/idea.

    And teaser/idea created.

    This has exact room to have 6 buttons. If less than 6 buttons is optimal you can get rid of 2 squares left/right. The lava goes where its hopefully obvious. As should the buttons. I built it next to my other one for sake of comparing sizes (it'll also help demonstrate how it should look). I didn't include the active blocks..but it should be easy to guess how they go. It might be possible to add more rabbits either vertically (going down) or extending them left/right. Depending on preference. Enjoy :).
  6. ReverseCp

    ReverseCp Squirrel

    Sure, i didn't wanna play tonight anyway xD 12:04 AM, How bout tomorrow in about 14 hours?
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    Ah, Bromance. Brings a tear to my eye.
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  8. ReverseCp

    ReverseCp Squirrel

    <3 -brohug- Nah, Just two mechanics doing simple business -straightens tie-
  9. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Oh yes..just two people..with ideas and interests in em..anyway i should bed. My previous post is updated with how I think it's best to compact the suicide booth. If its correct or not..well only testing will tell.
  10. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    So I went ahead and worked on this a touch more this morning. My findings are in the origional post (as well as the video i made last night for the main generator). But here's the long/short of it.

    In order for corrupt rabbit pathing to be predictable. You MUST be so far away from rabbits. I had to make my small structure one more block tall in order to work (I turned the bunny pathway into a 3 square high pathway..easiest way to do it). So has anyone tested this themselves yet? I'm wondering if anyone has managed to improve upon the design..or apply some more advanced knowledge to it or not.
  11. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    You did the wiring good. The way you wired it all the 2*6=12 activation spots are used by 6 different pressure plates, which is the minimum amount of pressure plates needed to benefit all the activation spots. I tried to make it smaller before I saw your picture of how to make it smaller. After that I tried yours as well, but noticed that many bunnies keep being stuck under you for a while.

    So I made it 3 blocks heigh this morning, waiting for like 6 hours now already on a bloodmoon so I can test it, but I'm not getting one. I could have tested it by hosting a private server, but my pc is lagging than so it would mess up the timing. So I will post mine without results, because it could take ages before I get a bloodmoon.


    I placed my buttons differently, because in my set up the all jump several times at the far left (like in your video), so I had to place a button there for a good spawn rate. This also saves space in the horizontal direction. Like your set up mine also takes quite some time before the first bunny jumps in the lava.
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  12. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Yeah I also worked more on mine and the above design. I did notice the issue with rabbits getting stuck. So a 3 block high bunny passageway definitely helps quite a bit. I'm currently waiting on youtube again. As I'll be posting a video soon..that shows what you have up there..but its built to house only one statue instead of two (as a test), and has a couple of extra options.. On that note...two statues is definitely the way to go, as a single statue dosn't generate enough bunnies fast enough. Which yes that'll be shown in the video as well :).

    And yes..I havn't had a bloodmoon on the server I'm on in awhile either..which is a touch annoying..been wanting to test out what I've got better. I wish I could find more bunny statues...I keep wondering if I couldn't somehow squeeze 4 in there...and what rate they produce bunnies in. Basically use a blood moon to find out how many statues can be squeezed in..without hitting the max enemy count...(or to barely edge over it) then use the lower right lava option to get em off screen faster.
  13. Dark_Reaper115

    Dark_Reaper115 Eskimo Zombie

    Mother of God !!!
    I can't imagine how much money do you get on a single blood moon.


    If I make this in the middle of the corruption... do I get instant corrupted bunnies always?
  14. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Sadly no, it must be a blood moon, or you must use vile powder to get corrupt bunnies. Otherwise yes it is a money generator. Build this in underground hollow or corruption..and its also a good source of souls of light/night :).
  15. Tejedu

    Tejedu Cursed Skull

    I love it, I always make this type thing with the platform elevator for slimes, but this suits well!
  16. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    I had a bloodmoon! I discovered it when I came upstairs, but lucky enough I had no money on me at the start.
    4.5 platinum
    49 bunny hoods

    Following the wiki the chance on a bunny hood in 1:75, so let assume I had exactly that drop rate, then I had 3675 corrupt bunnies. At the underground hallow/corruption that would have given 525 souls.

    My system lack the extra lava trap at the bottom right you have. There were moments of 1-2 seconds that I didn't had bunnies spawning due to the maximum amount and then there were many very short moments (like less than 1/4th of a second) without bunny spawn (they seem to spawn in packs with short breaks in between).
    I will make implant the lava trap at the bottom right to see how good it will be then.

    Because it's nice to see a corrupt bunny farm in action (a spawn pack of 9 is falling down). When it's not a picture it looks like a stream of bunnies falling down.

    And thanks for the link to my guide :)

    If you want I can bring you non-legit statues and other stuff for the sake of research. I myself haven't played for like a week and only did 'research.' I got a separate char and world for the research, so that the character and world that I play on are still 100% legit. The research world is 100% non-legit with exception of 1 gold bar I took from my own world for a golden lamp :p
  17. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Nice to hear how well it did..4.5 platnum and even with just 2 statues it maxed out the enemy spawns..whew :confused:. Anyway honestly the whole not having resources thing is more of a I don't want to hack..and havn't felt like making all this on a world where I'm ok with it. Otherwise I can do the chest duping trick and use a high level char to get all the resources I want. With that said I need to go for a few hours..but I'll leave all of you with won't work yet but eventually it should (before I get back at least). And its basically what you have there (your version looks better) as well as a modification made for one extra use....

    An expandable bunny engine (you can just add more buttons and make it a bigger pathway!).
  18. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    As soon as I heard the splashing sound I was like: Dam! That's so simple, but still so genius since nobody else came with the idea. I hated the sound (it's annoying), but it's also the lovely sound of a great invention.
    You should really make a guide about it or put it in the general section. I tried to optimise the bunny engine which you can see later in the reply. You deserve all the likes and nice comments. Feel free to use the pictures I posted in this thread or to make exact the same machine in your world and make it screenshot of it so it looks like yours and not like mine (because you use blue brick and I use snow bricks and red bricks). Would be even cooler if you could improve the engine :p The only way I can see how to do that is by adding a second statue so you need less vile powder.

    It took a long time before I could finally watch the video, it said video unavailable for more than an hour, so I first made a corrupt bunny farm that is focused on killing and has the engine function as an extra.

    I didn't cared about the lightning this time since I knew that there would be an awesome bunny engine coming :p

    When the top active stones are inactive you can use the other switch to set the farm with one click from vile powder mode to bloodmoon mode. If you put it on vile powder mode and make the top stone block active you can use it as engine.
    In bloodmoon mode it gave 4.25 platinum this time, 0.25 less than the previous time, but it did gave an astonishing 113 bunny hoods instead of 49. Makes me think that I must have made a type the first time and that it must have been 3.5 platinum, but not sure about that.

    The corrupt bunny engine which is the first engine to beat the crab engine. It gave 6 stacks of fish in 1m31 = 4.70 platinum per hour. I clocked 1m07 the first time, but despite I didn't changed anything about the wiring I never had it faster than 1m30. So the 1m07 test must have gone wrong somewhere.
    Bunny engine: 4.70 p/h
    1 crab statue, 3 crabs: 4.23 p/h
    1 crab statue, 6 crabs: 5.28 p/h (but a lot of work to set up).

    So compared with a normal crab engine the bunny engine is 11% faster.

    Screenshots of the bunny engine:

    When you are done with the bunny farm you must destroy the two red bricks. After that you walk to the left of the lava wall and flip the switch the make the active stones inactive so all bunnies commit suicide. Why not a single wall? The active stones couldn't be next to the pressure plate or it would open and close all the time and I wanted the pressure plate room to be as small as possible without having to use double pressure plates. If you don't use the active stone blocks a lot of cash will keep lying on the ground and if there are more than 200 coins, which is not impossible, you would lose money and maybe some bunny hoods.

    Green dots are pressure plates

    • When you use the bunny engine it's important that you stay against the fish farm and not against the bunny shaft. For some reason the farm is much faster when you stand against the fish farm.
    • While using the vile powder you also stand against the fish farm wall. You have to add vile powder till you don't see empty gaps between the bunnies. Using 6 vile powder brought me to this point and getting more bunnies only made the farm a little bit slower with almost every vile powder I used. Don't ask me why this is the case. Maybe there are override errors with too many bunnies :p
    • When I use the vile powder I wait with using new vile powder till there are white bunnies again to keep the vile powder use as low as possible.
    • The bunny shaft could be made lower since they don't jump in the middle.
    • With slowly using vile powder and counting some 'spawn waves' I saw that the maximum amount of monsters in the screen must be 200. I came on 208, but the last waves didn't contained the usual 10+ bunnies. And 200 is more logic since it's a nice number and the maximum amount of items on the ground is also 200.
    • The idea of a corrupt bunny engine is awesome xD
    Advantages compared with crab engine:
    - faster
    - can give bunny hoods

    - requires vile powder or a bloodmoon
    - you must stand near the middle and can't move a lot. If you move too far away from the middle or go too high/low the bunnies will hop longer on a certain place and there's no constant flow of bunnies any more and thus making the engine slower.

    We got the following engines now:
    • Crab
    • Slime
    • Skeleton
    • Corrupt bunny
    • 1, 3 and 5 second timers
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  19. Junion

    Junion Squirrel

    Whew, quite a bit of work you did there. Sure I had the idea for how to put this together. But seriously..the origional bunny suicide booth came from spystones post. From there you've certainly made some improvements and gave me some things to think about. Also I've had a day where I didn't get a good chance to monkey around...where you've managed quite an do deserve it about as much as i do. I think the only real change I'd find a way to expand what you include an area for rabbit suicides like the earlier generators. If I wasn't so tired I'd think on it :).
  20. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    After developing I present you the bunny engine that can also work for corrupt bunny farming during the days and bloodmoons.


    Don't ask my why every wire is the way it is :p I will only say that it's used to maximise the goldfish output and when that was optimised I wired it to made it to let the bunnies spawn as fast as it can without decreasing the goldfish output.

    The engine in action and where to stay to farm goldfishes.

    Picture of ending the bunny engine (the two red bricks must be removed and only the bottom stones must be active)

    Set up for bunny farming during a bloodmoon

    I also published the engine farm here. Unfortunately many people check a thread only once and thus missing all the updates that are made like your idea of the bunny engine here.
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