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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by hewas, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. hewas Green Slime

    I have watched a lot of videos on how to start a hamachi server, but no configuration I use seems to say start server...but instead says host and play. Can anyone teach me how to get from host and play to start server?
  2. Zeiser Green Slime

    Start server was earlier, then you had to open another terraria to play, but now u can do host + play instead
  3. Zeiser Green Slime

    if you want it console i think you can find it in steam/steamapps/common/Terraria
  4. Fewd Cursed Skull

    Use the TerrariaServer.exe found : (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria) to host.
  5. hewas Green Slime

    isn't that just local?
  6. Fewd Cursed Skull

    Nope, you can port forward to not use hamachi, or use hamachi and run it.
  7. hewas Green Slime

    ok sorry if bothering u but it says 49279 Killerparadise has joined(my character) so now I give other people the hamatchi numbers and they can join?
  8. Zeiser Green Slime just means u connected with that ip. Giving the hamachi ip should work now.
  9. hewas Green Slime

    ok so should let people connect
  10. Zeiser Green Slime

    First you have to create a hamachi network and give people the info
  11. hewas Green Slime

    so Journey1 pass: pass?
  12. Zeiser Green Slime

    I'm in the network, try opening the server and ill see if it works

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