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Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by Pedguin, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling


    Note that the sprite sheet below was a creation of AaronC from BEFORE his time as a spriter on the Terraria 1.2 update team and should not be taken in ANY way as indicative of anything in or not in the upcoming update.

    Noone leaked anything to anyone. :cool:


    "Leaked" by one of(maybe more) Redigit's artists, he explained that not all of these items are set in stone to be implemented into the game, some of them may be added while others are not, and I'm sure there's different items coming along too! Thoughts?

  2. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Maybe its the *end game* sword? Also cut your quote down its taking up half the page :p
  3. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler

    accidently deleted it somehow /facepalm
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  4. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    This looks pretty interesting, I question why we would need a hallowed ax though.
  5. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    It looks more of a new weapon rather then a tool, much like the Corrupted Axe.
  6. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler

    if it is a tool in any way then it would probably instant-break trees.
    It does look like much more of a war axe though!
  7. ZaQen

    ZaQen Piranha

    Honestly, new Items would be fun but nothing massively new or interesting.

    However! The thing that really strikes my eye when looking at this is the Green Heart. What will it do and how would it work? Is it only a dull way to increase the maximum HP? Is it an addition of an Energy shield or even perhaps a force bar for skills/power attacks?
    Anyway, new mechanics are far more interesting than new items in my opinion =P
  8. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Wandering Eye

    These are not leaked, these are by AaronC, he posted them to Red a long time ago and are not part of the update
  9. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    I think I should clear up any uncertainties at this stage, keep in mind I showed this spritesheet before I was made the spriter so it's not really linked to the update at all really :p

    It's more of a fleshed out version of many high demanded ideas put into a simple sprite sheet, but this does however highlight many key ideas that could go into the update, so yea

    And this update is called the 1.2 update not 1.3 hehe

    You're still free to discuss the kinds of stuff in the sheet though, since they are pretty much a bunch of peoples ideas brought visually :p
  10. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler

    Updated version with a couple new things:
  11. Kenthok

    Kenthok Squirrel

    I'm really curious about those new potions... what do they do? :eek:
  12. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

  13. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Wandering Eye

    Video should probably be renamed then :)
  14. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    I put potential at the front, fix'd ^_^
  15. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Wandering Eye

    Thats good :) Glad to see you back! :)
  16. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Thanks for clearing this up, and may I say congratulations on becoming the new Artist for such an amazing game :) I'm sure you'll do a damn fine job!
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  17. SilverBird

    SilverBird Blood Crawler

    definitely better than me....
  18. Delta 7x

    Delta 7x Green Slime

    Oh yay, I see my name up there in the screen cap.
  19. Peter_Fox2

    Peter_Fox2 Zombie

    Been needing me some Terraria lately!
  20. Purely Legit

    Purely Legit Cursed Man

    When I saw this, I was like "HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING GOOD THATS EPIC!" and as i keep going back to these, I just hope that they (mostly all of them) are implemented into the game expecially those swords and extra biome stuff, like the jungle pick and meteor stuff.

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