New Mode: Monster Adventure (Be the monster! Level up & Evolve!)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Sneak is pure WIN, Dec 15, 2011.


How much do you like this idea?

  1. So much that I'm doing hand taekwondo right now! X ]

  2. It's decent but it still has rooms to improve. = )

  3. I can't, I took an arrow to the knee. = /

  1. taatuu25

    taatuu25 Green Slime

    its name is something like "you are the enemy" but the thread is dead so..
  2. Sneak is pure WIN

    Sneak is pure WIN Green Slime

    Oh, thank you. I have seen it, his idea is to include achievements that allow you to become mobs or even a boss, (something along that lines) while mine is to create a whole new game mode that changes the previous gameplay/mechanics of the game instead of a temporary buff to transform into a random mob for fun.
  3. diiiiiig

    diiiiiig Green Slime

    I would dig hidden waterways accessible with pressure pads and lighted with the red glow of Santa's lights to connect all the major bodies of water on my map. Then I would become Jaws as I start by eating all the jelly fish and then... the guide :D
  4. Psyblade

    Psyblade Bunny

    This idea is.......Interesting. I personally doubt the developers would add it to the game, but if they did, then I'd give it a try.
  5. Sneak is pure WIN

    Sneak is pure WIN Green Slime

    I'm afraid that it is impossible to kill guide (or other npcs) unless the map has been altered in a way that the rivers, lakes & oceans are all linked together & that there are pre-generated villages underwater. :oops: You can still collect Exp & Eps along the way after completing this line of swimming AI class which you can restart playing another class though. (since the swimming AI class has such limited numbers of mobs that are of lower tiers compared to other classes.

    But, it would be awesome if mobs can dig or jump 2 blocks up to explore other regions of territories. = ]
    HO ho ho, gotta need that share of pessimism. ;) (I'm glad you like it though.)

    It's still not 100% comfirmed yet unless the developers dismiss or accept this idea with a reply. I don't expect this to be implemented soon after 1.1.1 but hopefully they add this sometime in the future. *fingers crossed*
  6. SpiritOK

    SpiritOK Green Slime

    Nice one, resembles the old "eat small creatures and grow, bigger than you can eat you" game mechanic. I am not sure about the developers, but as a mod or a mini-game it would be highly entertaining. Grow yourself a King Slime, eh? =)
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  7. marvinbek

    marvinbek Green Slime

    Made out of epicsauce and win and win and very much win. This. Please, someone mod this. NOW. And support TehModApi. Please.
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  8. TehDoggeh

    TehDoggeh Green Slime

    What are you talking about!?! this is an AWESOME idea it's not corrupting it! More gamemodes more fun.
    Oh and will this work on multiplayer?
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  9. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    Yes, but only if Karate Bunny is the last evolution... Or Karate Raccoon. Either way is fine with me.
  10. TehDoggeh

    TehDoggeh Green Slime

    That would be Baddass.
  11. Sneak is pure WIN

    Sneak is pure WIN Green Slime

    Yeah, something like a mini-game of maplestory but much larger & challenging with tons of enemies & diversity.
    Sure, why not? :)
    It should work so that players can get the hands on experience of fighting slayers & have fun being a godly boss.
    X ]

    You should definitely go to either:

    Hopefully, they add more races & animals like raccoons, wild cats, wolves, etc. (and probably allow us to tame some?)

    Anyways, thanks, you guys! = ]
  12. BaggityMan

    BaggityMan Green Slime

    This seems more fit for a mod, although I would absolutely welcome this for the actual game if the developers were up to something of this sort. I personally find a mod fitting, because it would seem like a brand new game loosely based on Terraria. That's fine afterall, since various games have also added mini-games or game-types diverging from the main content.

    You said they start off as humans, then are given the option to turn into monsters if they die. Well, I think online play would be very interesting with this! Both human players, and monster players. This would especially seem fun since I'm presuming there will be little NPC villages and what not.
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  13. Sneak is pure WIN

    Sneak is pure WIN Green Slime

    You sir, gave an awesome statement of support. I like your way of thinking. Thank you! :D
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  14. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    I tried going there once xD. Rejected :C. Me Raccoon will find a way in there someday!
  15. Sneak is pure WIN

    Sneak is pure WIN Green Slime

    Lol! Then good luck to you, comrade! ;) (you should make your own thread on this race if all else fails & I will be there to support it.) = ]
  16. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    Sorry if this will sound awful, and it will, but how is this suppose to be fun?
    This is only waste of Developing Time, in my opinion.
  17. Sneak is pure WIN

    Sneak is pure WIN Green Slime

    It's fun to the people that like it. Instead of using weapons, we get to play like a mob/boss. It's fun because it's unique when we have tons of hp, size, attack patterns, etc. To others, it is not.

    What do you mean by 'waste of Developing Time'? I don't get.
  18. BaggityMan

    BaggityMan Green Slime

    Doesn't sound awful, Haha. People have their own tastes. I personally would find it interesting, and the fun seems to lie in how monsters would be implemented. Personally, I think the main enjoyment would be on servers. This mod never destroyed the possibility of being human and mining. So, if you had groups of people, I could see the spark in this.

    That said, this is why, if it does occur, it will most likely be implemented as a mod later on(If someone has enough time to dedicate). The developers of the game probably won't do this.
  19. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    Also, I think Worms should, not dig, but "chew" through blocks. Like they usualy do when they're ATTACKING YOU AND PUSHING YOU IN THE LAVA! WHY WORMIE? I LUVED YOU!
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  20. polarhifly

    polarhifly Frankenstein

    this is a nice suggestion.. But one question.. would the monster's be able to open chests :eek: im guessing not,but i think they're should be a human Mob that has copper armour and a sword and attacks you?

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