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What is your favorite of my NPCs?

  1. The Blacksmith

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  1. bigblock111

    bigblock111 Green Slime

    My NPC Ideas
    Hello Everyone my name is bigblock111. I have made up a few new NPCs for Terraria. Here they are. There are much more items and blocks I have thought-up too.
    The NPCs
    The NPCs are the first ever "renters" in Terraria. For them to earn your trust you must do quests for them. One Quest equals 5% Trust.​
    The Blacksmith(Male):
    Sells the Copper Broadsword for 1 silver and 45 copper, Copper Short-sword for 1 silver and 5 copper, Anvil for 15 silver, Furnace for 90 copper.(After gaining full trust and activating hardmode you can buy Fiery Great-sword for 2 platinum, Excalibur for 10 platinum)(He moves in after completing "The Terrarian Who Fell From the sky"

    The Commander(Female):
    Sells the Mythril Hood for 1 platinum, Mythril Chain-mail for 1 platinum, Mythril Greaves for 1 platinum, Shotgun(Has a -15 knock back, -10% damage, 0.01% chance to explode like a bomb after firing) for 40 gold.(She moves in after completing "The Final Straw"

    Sells Shadow Key for 2 gold and 25 silver,Dungeon Slime statue for for 50 gold.(Moves into your world after completing "The Dark Mystery of the Old Man"

    The Mechanics

    The only changed mechanics of the game are the way NPCs act. They have new sayings.

    Merchant:"I think the Blacksmith Sergei has some stolen stuff."

    Nurse:"Have you Seen Sergei Recently? I Would like to show him how it feels to have your brains blown out of his skull."

    Arms Dealer:"I see you have been eyeballin' the Commanders Shotgun. It just cheaper because it's bad quality. If you want a real killing weapon buy mine!"

    Blacksmith:"If I happened to blow up the nurses room with a few sticks of dynamite would you be mad?"

  2. BlueForgeX

    BlueForgeX Green Slime

    this is decent but if you want some comments add some pics or some enemies that do a ton of dmg.
  3. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster


    No selling the Excalibur, hamdrax, or hardmode armor.
    ESPECIALLY not that cheap.

    Maybe if it was at LEAST two platinum per armor piece, and like 10 for the Excalibur.

    Otherwise, I like the ideas, especially the multi colored wires.
  4. bigblock111

    bigblock111 Green Slime

    [EDIT]I changed the prices. And you get these NPCs once you enable HardMode.
  5. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    Excalibur is still way to cheap.

    It's supposed to be hard to get, but with a goldfish farm, that can be got in a couple of minutes.
  6. bigblock111

    bigblock111 Green Slime

    Good point I tested this. I got the money simply running through caves killing stuff in about 1 hour. I should make it at least 10 platinum.
  7. Proffejor

    Proffejor Green Slime

    So, if I am reading this right, after I have killed the Wall of Flesh, I can immediately pick up a Hamdraxe and an Exaclibur assuming I have the money for it, without ever even breaking an altar or mining a bit, or killing a hardmode boss for souls that are SUPPOSED to be hard to acquire, but worth it for the end-level items? I say "no" as the money is way too easy to get in this game, as one can build grinders and let them work to earn you platinum while you aren't even present.

    On the other end, I have beaten the Wall of Flesh, and I have nice enough gear to allow that. And suddenly I can buy... a copper shortsword, which I literally started the game with, or the slight upgrade into a copper broadsword? That's simply too weak.

    I accept the Firey Great-sword and Shadow key as options, but of the list, they're the ONLY ones I feel are appropriate. (It's easy enough to have the sword before, but maybe you concentrated on molten armor, or accidentally summoned WoF and killed him out of self defense. And maybe no chests had shadow keys in your world, or you skipped the dungeon.)

    How about just have a Nostalgist NPC that sells the items that are only findable in pre-hardmode chests, at a cost of 5 times normal. (around 25 times their sell value) If they have a random inventory each time I could imagine usefulness, as you hope to have enough money when that Cobalt Shield your world never spawned finally becomes available.

    A better option would be an NPC who sold the Souls of 'Ight, but he only had Night and Light after killing WoF, which cost 10 gold each, until you kill a hardmode boss (or Wyvern), at which time he adds the Soul that boss drops to his inventory, at a cost of 50 gold for a Soul of Flight, or 1 Platinum each for a soul of Sight, Fright, or Might. But even that seems to imply to me an amount of "the bosses are too hard" which I don't feel is the case.

    Explosive ammo sounds interesting, but inferior to Crystal, which is basically explosive shrapnel creating rounds. I really like the idea of a mounted weapon, but I would make it automatically target the nearest enemy and take a shot at them, say once every 5 seconds, and add into the recipe dart traps and one of the bosses souls. (I could imagine hardmode boss arenas lined with the things, but there is a certain appeal to that.) They wouldn't be that powerful, just enough to keep the hardmode enemies a bit away from your base. I'd say lethal to a Possessed Armor on the 4th hit, and I would even be okay if they had to have a chest placed next to them to draw ammo from.

    The Wires sound awesome, and I think the recipe is good, plus it makes Gems useful again.

    But I think the NPCs you propose are kinda bad ideas, IMO.
  8. bigblock111

    bigblock111 Green Slime

    Thank you for the suggestion I will make these changes soon(Now)
  9. bigblock111

    bigblock111 Green Slime

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  10. liamNl

    liamNl Demon Eye

    the game is still based (a bit) on medieval times where woman werent in jobs as much as now so i think there shouldnt much more female NPC's btw idea for "commander why doesnt he sell mercaneries which are a certain type but you can equip them with better kinds of weapons/armour :p idea
  11. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    Not necessarily. I don't think there were machine guns in medieval times.

    There isn't a specific "time" that Terraria is set in, so anything goes.
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  12. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Why would you have more NPCs that sell the same thing?

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