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Discussion in 'PC' started by Sokaz, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    Hello, I'am new to Terraria and I really enjoy the game. Could any pro players maybe give a noob some tips? I already have a full set of iron armor and some gold tools, So I have a bit of exp.
  2. Okay if by tools you mean pickaxe then the first thing you want to do is get meteorite. Go down a chasm of Corruption and find those glowy orb things (not to be confused by hangy glowy orb thingys in the dungeon). you can break it using a it will hammer (if you have problem getting to it just blow it up using bombs.) and once broken it will drop a considerably good item. At midnight a meteorite will spawn anywhere in the world. Make sure by this this time you are at your settlement.

    Don't do drugs kid.

    EDIT: tell me when you're done. some tips: build hellevator. Build 7 homes for all npc's before hardmode. (damn i tried of typiing now.)
  3. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    thanks! But the meteorite didn't fall.
  4. That's because it has a 50% chance of falling when you break a Shadow Orb not guaranteed. Best bet then is to keep plucking on with your Gold armor and while your getting that it should fall.

    Also is a great place for knowledge on what you may or may not need for an item to be made as well as seeing what is the next step in armor....

    Welcome to Terraria and enjoy.
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    Carry a piggy bank around with you that contains kit to build a small safe room. Really only need some beds and background walls (stone walls are good for this) perhaps a few furnaces and some doors. You could expand this kit to include some type of bricks if you want your spawn point to be pretty and even a few more piggy banks in it so you can just leave one behind in the room for later use. They worked out well for me when exploring and didn't want to run all the way back down the maze after death. To reset your spawn to the default above ground one, just break the bed and put it back in the piggy bank.

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