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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Skylar pasch, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Skylar pasch Green Slime

    I would love to start my own hamachi server with my only RL friend that plays but need more people. it will be medium or large depending on how many responses. plz Add me on steam if you would like to join. i live in california so pacific time is best. server is for all new characters :) see you soon
    . also would like to use ventrilo server if posible
  2. Wtfkiffer Green Slime

    I'll join. Whats your steam account name?
  3. Blitzwinger5 Green Slime

    Me and my friend can join my steam is Blitzwinger5
  4. Homieblade1337 Green Slime

    is it too late or can i joinz?
  5. Skylar pasch Green Slime

    the server will not start untill either tonight or tomorrow but all you have to do is add me on steam *name above* and ill talk to you. i just want at least 1 more person besides your self :)
  6. Homieblade1337 Green Slime

    so i can join? :)
  7. Homieblade1337 Green Slime

    doesnt let me send inv
  8. Skylar pasch Green Slime

    try "tacorifficrofl"
  9. Homieblade1337 Green Slime

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