nidoran's terraria HD project/art thread

Discussion in 'Art' started by nidoran, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. nidoran

    nidoran Cursed Man

    i will reopen once i clear this thread up a bit.

    yes, i am back.

    helloooos, people of terraria online and welcome to my art thread. you don'tknow me,since i'm new here:D but here's something i've been working on for a while now:


    several npcs, armors and weapons of terraria redone in hd! :)middle row is male/female player when starting the game, cobalt armor, adamantite armor, mythril armor and molten armor. bottom row is molten greatsword, night's edge and starfury. top row.. well,i'm sure you recognize them :D

    thoughts and c&c are greatly appreciated. thanks! :)
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  2. Shadowcrazy

    Shadowcrazy Penguin

    please tell me you do requests for this awesome pixel art :p if so my sig has a link to a nice request I'd love to make.

    if not then either way awesome sprites and goodluck with the project
  3. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    That's pretty hot.
  4. Alanbato

    Alanbato Dark Caster

    Too bad it would be too much of a hassle to fit those in the game :/
  5. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Dark Caster

    simply fantastic hey if ya ever do requests tell me mine will be pretty simple :D
  6. Anti-Positive

    Anti-Positive The Reversed One

    Have you considered making a Texture Pack? Because you should, would be amazing :O
  7. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    Yes. Yes yes yes. You definately should nirodan. :)
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  8. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    texture pack! Texture pack!
    Anyway, looking great there! :D Don't forget to do the shadow armor ;)
    If you would do it, I'll combine it with the molten armor and use it in my sig ;)
  9. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    can you teach me how to make a texture pack? :p I want to make one XD
  10. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    I can make texture packs, and it isn't all that hard. You'll need a few programs, including a program that can use transperancy (gimp,, etc.) I'll post a link to an important thread about that here right away :)
  11. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    I know how to do minecraft, its just that the terraria ones seem a bit.. hard :p
  12. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor
    This will tell you all you need to know.
    I've once seen something on Minecraft sprites, but I don't know much about it.
    Anyway, If I may, I'll post an example:
    Zombie sprites: (open)

    NPC_3.png NPC_3.png Zombies.png
    (I am using this in my own texture pack ;))
    The size of the textures of mobs doesn't matter phisicaly, but it looks odd if his head sticks out the roof. Weapon sprites can be made bigger, though small is usually more pretty. Try to keep it in the original size, as with weapons the hit-range would change.
  13. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    Wait so if I texture zombies to be like 30 blocks high will they actually? And if the player texture is only 2x1 blocks will the hit detection still be 2x3 or will it change to 2x1?
  14. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    I took this into a conversation, carry on, guys :)
    Don't worry, happens only to weaponary. ;)
  15. lambo

    lambo Illuminant Slime

    You do requests? If you do tell me. PLEASE!
  16. nidoran

    nidoran Cursed Man

    sorry for not going on for such a long time .__. time to post some more xD i only have one post lol

    actually, i do :D feel free to request! i also do digital painting:
    ^sucky example of my art. though i take my time when doing these xD i'm serious. it takes me ages to finish these things xD
    yeah, i'm working on something :D stay tuned! if only i could tear myself away from skyrim long enough to actually work on something xD

    and for the rest of people sharing their thoughts - thank you. you're the reason i keep doing what i do :D
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  17. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Wow, the elf looks great! :D if that's a sucky axample of your art, I would love to see your better works!
    Anyway, I'll just post my full request here, so if you want to draw it or sprite it or something like that, be free to do so :)
    My Char.png I fight with the Fierry Greatsword and sometimes with the harpoon. My hair is white.
    Either way I'd love to see more art from you!
  18. lambo

    lambo Illuminant Slime

    Okay could I have a digital painting? Or a pixel art which ever you prefer.

    Okay here's my request: My character wears the robot hat with ninja top and pants. Also a bunny sitting on the hat please!
  19. deathbringer539

    deathbringer539 Cursed Skull

    Holy.. Wow those are amazing sprites... and part of a digital art.
  20. Shadowcrazy

    Shadowcrazy Penguin

    yay please check my signature for USUAL REQUEST and there's my art request.

    if you wouldn't mind....could it be possible to have both a sprite/pixel version and digital art? I ask because I love your digital art style but I've also never had a sprite/pixel version of my character so yeah....happy if I get an answer :)

    but yeah there's my request if you would be so kind to do it I'd be forever greatful :)

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