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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Alf, May 30, 2011.

  1. Alf

    Alf Green Slime

    How about an armor adding the effect of being invisible when standing still, it wouldnt have much defense but it could extra damage to shurikens or maybe the muramasa?
    Enemies wouldn't see you except bosses maybe?
    It would be really cool for PvP.
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  2. Alf

    Alf Green Slime

    Would throwing 2 shurikens instead of 1 be too much?
  3. Keirndmo

    Keirndmo Dark Caster

    Alf yes because my character is named ninja so i made him completely black so its really hard to see me at night.
  4. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Well, the idea itself sounds pretty balanced to me. Im sure some people would love to have more uses out of the shurikens. Though Im a bit iffy about the muramasa since its a pretty strong weapon on its own terms already.

    Anyways, you got my support for it
  5. Alf

    Alf Green Slime

    Yeah maybe the muramasa was too much but it was like the only ninja related sword :l
  6. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    Yeah, I like this.
  7. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Well, there's always the chance of more ninja swords coming our way. What better place to take ideas from then the stuff in asia (like the samurai swords, ninjas, kung fu even xD). Good old game designer logic
  8. Korin

    Korin Possessed Armor

    Set Bonus: Invisibility while standing still, three shurikens thrown at a time.
  9. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    That would be interesting as well, and fair to say the least.

    I actually did that as part of my weapon differences thread. The combo system idea has the user throw 3 shuriken at the same time in spreader motion, as an alternative to just throwing one. Ah well, either way works I say
  10. Keirndmo

    Keirndmo Dark Caster

    Katana made from steel. steel is made by mixing iron and coal at a furnace. coal new ore black mining gives you 1 coal ore.
  11. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

  12. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    hmm, speaking of ninjas indeed, hahaha

    Course we might be going a little off course to talk about weapons so lets get back to the armor topic (unless Alf wants to continue that is xD)
  13. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    how about the ninja armor only has 1 defense but provides invisibility when holding still for 3 seconds. should also raise attack and movement speed by 15%. another thing, maybe it could give shuriken's you throw 100% re-drop rate? (meaning they wont disappear sometimes when you hit something) you must be in full armor for these abilities to work to keep it balanced. maybe it could be made with silk.
  14. bujuman

    bujuman Green Slime

    1. an armor with 1 def is crap armor it should have 3 or 4 def.
    2. the people should turn invisible automatically but with a two second long animation.
    3. 100% is complete bullcrap more like 80%
  15. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    dont you hate losing shurikens? there not even that powerful so why buy more. 100% redrop is good for shurikes considerng they only do a little damage. its 1 defense for a reason, the abilities.
  16. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    hmm... no comment on that last point.

    He does make a point however that there needs to be some rebalancing in terms of the defense. We can have the armor stronger, since it most likely will be a higher tier armor than what we have now. Not that I've used shurikens that much, but I think it might be easier to just have an NPC to sell the shurikens to you instead of a 100% redrop rate.

    How does that sound?
  17. Alf

    Alf Green Slime

    Well I dont really see the point to increasing the shuriken re-drop rate really, i mean they are really cheap I think throwing 2 or 3 of them at the same time is more interesting :)
  18. TobySkov

    TobySkov Green Slime

    Why always this "im a invisible ninja" theme in every damn game?
    Isn't it getting boring soon? It's everywhere.
    Becoming invisible (even while standing still) would be the ultimate griefer weapon.
  19. Tejedu

    Tejedu Cursed Skull

    Awesome sauce!
  20. Kurohagane

    Kurohagane Lava Slime

    Katana is made from tamahagane, different type of steel than normal one.

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