[No Longer Offered] tServers (Free Terreria Server Hosting)

Discussion in 'Server Hosting' started by Naz, Jan 21, 2012.


Are you pleased with our hosting Service?

  1. Extremely Impressed!

  2. It Does the job.

  3. Very Poor, I will never use this again.

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  1. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    Free Terraria Server Host!

    *100% FREE
    *NO LAG​
    *1-20 Players​
    *Map Size Selection​
    *Map Name Selection​
    *MOTD Option​
    *Vanilla Terraria Server (You can request mods)​
    *Last forever or until you have not used the server within 24 days!​

    I have decided to start hosting free terraria servers for everyone here on terrariaonline! There is no catch or scam, I use to host multiple servers of my own and have now just ran out of fun and new ideas for them. So instead of letting my network of dedicated servers go to waste I will now host your server!​

    Please keep in mind this is a free service, I reserve the right to take down your server at any time and I will not be held responsible for any data loss ex: maps, items and other stuff that could go wrong. However I can guarantee your server will be online 24.7 and will never crash or loose any type of data unless there is a huge catastrophic failure at my data center (which has not happened in my many years of running it, knock on wood!)​

    If you are interested in obtaining a free server from me you can head over to my website and apply for one. www.tservers.net

    If you need any type of support, have any questions or requests please feel free to reply back to this thread or on the website's forums (which you will get a faster reply usually).​

    We do not support any mods & we also do not have an admin panel for the servers atm. You can ask for a mod on our forums or here and we would be happy to install it for you. As for our admin panel it is under development and should be released for you guys to use soon!​

    This service is not automated in anyway except for the application setup form so I will need to manually install your terraria server. If I'm in the tServer's Chat room on my website that means I'm around and will setup your server instantly however if I'm not in there it could take up to 8 hours.​

    Hope you guys enjoy this and I can't wait to see all of the new creations and worlds that will come to be!​
    Also please remember to post feedback here or on the forums!​

    Welcome to the GRAND OPENING and thanks for visiting us!
  2. firekirby135

    firekirby135 Green Slime

    I just sent an application! This seems like an AWESOME way to use servers other than just shutting them down or selling them! Awesome!
    It's because of people like you that I'm actually in a good mood all the time and not huddled up in a corner. It's also because of people like you that they felt they needed to try to stop piracy, and SOPA + PIPA came into play. Not saying that you're one of those people, but... agh, you know what I mean. XP
  3. Cyrman

    Cyrman Piranha

    Looks great! I signed up and sent app!!
  4. darios

    darios Green Slime

    it's awesome thanks that you posted on my link now im playing with my friends till the break of dawn
  5. Jibby98

    Jibby98 Cave Bat

    This looks so awesome. Its just like jizz in my pants
  6. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    Sweet thanks guys for your interest. I've just got home from work and setup about 10 servers. We still have a bit more resources to fit more in without sacrificing any performance so if you need one lmk ;)
  7. elisacortes

    elisacortes Green Slime

    I just signed up :p hope i can join ::::pPPPP
  8. Trigol

    Trigol Green Slime

    It's telling me " You can't submit the form" when i click for the application (step 3).
  9. NBC011795

    NBC011795 Cursed Man

    I submitted, Thanks for doing this!
  10. Jagai123

    Jagai123 Eskimo Zombie

  11. ziddydude

    ziddydude Green Slime

    ive submitted, id just like to say this seems like an amazing facility and id recomend it to anyone
  12. This sounds awesome indeed. I've always wanted to host a server but have lacked the means to do so.
  13. ShadouIceAzure

    ShadouIceAzure Piranha

    i've sent an application but you haven't replied.
  14. Technologic

    Technologic Green Slime

    Naz! What the hell happened to warfront? One day it just went down without a trace bro. Glad to see you're back!
  15. Wow. Well it seems tservers.net has closed down. I don't know why or if servers will continue to be hosted.
  16. firekirby135

    firekirby135 Green Slime

    Well my server is still up, so I guess it was "First come, First serve" on that note.
  17. Asterrar1a12

    Asterrar1a12 Green Slime

    Cmon how many applications are for these stupid servers? why dont they just put tshock and a anti-grief system and done? this sucks
  18. Dude. It was for free. If you don't like it, don't get one then. Thanks for being grateful.
  19. Shesiressu

    Shesiressu Green Slime

    What happened to the website?
  20. firekirby135

    firekirby135 Green Slime

    We don't know. Last we heard from him, Naz was doing great with his server hosting site. Then he disappears for a week, and now the server's gone. Either something really bad happened with Naz, or he just gave up on the idea and has been AWOL ever since.
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