Not sure what a certain texture is? Ask here!

Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Hazza_h, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hazza_h Clinger

    Basically if you're unsure what a certain image is/unsure where a certain file is located then ask here.

    I'll start: Does anyone know what "item_23" is?
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  2. Cauthos Hornet

    item_23 is the gel I believe
  3. Hazza_h Clinger

    Thanks. I don't know why it's a black and white image (with the colour determined by the code), when all the slime gel is blue anyway.
  4. Cauthos Hornet

    I know I'm confused by this as well
  5. SpinBuilder Green Slime

    I think gel is used for particles of slimes.
  6. Xarkox Doctor Bones

    Does anyone know what the "Dust" image is? I can see it, but is it the particle effects? If that's so, anyone know what sprite/particle belongs to what weapon?
  7. Pixel Lantern Hornet

    It's all the particles yes, on the left hand side is all the mining particles (dirt, stone grass, iron, copper etc). Then on the right its just randomly placed. Many things share particles so be careful what you edit.
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  8. The Ruined King Squirrel

    What are the bottles on Tiles_13?
  9. Pixel Lantern Hornet

    Empty bottle, health potion, mana potion, Pink vase, beer mug.

    You only see health and mana pots placed down in the Dungeon iirc.
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  10. The Ruined King Squirrel

    Tiles_22 is Demonite Ore when it's placed, correct?
  11. Pixel Lantern Hornet

  12. The Ruined King Squirrel

    Hey it's me again :D Tiles_40. Is that mud? Because if so, mud is so much brighter than I thought it was.
  13. Xarkox Doctor Bones

    I would believe that's clay.
  14. The Ruined King Squirrel

    Ah, yes, quite right. Thank you Xarkox. Here's another. Tiles_51. Is that glass?
  15. Pixel Lantern Hornet

    Mud would be 59

    41 is cobweb, 54 is glass
  16. The Ruined King Squirrel

    Okay, here's a sort of reverse question. Maybe I'm just missing it, but Tiles_72 is the stalk for the giant glowing mushrooms... where is the head/top?
  17. Hazza_h Clinger

  18. The Ruined King Squirrel

    Bah. Man, I'm stupid sometimes. I looked for the thing for like 10 minutes and somehow I passed over it several times :C Thanks.
  19. Hazza_h Clinger

    No problem, lol :)
  20. The Ruined King Squirrel

    Is Wall_3 the corruption backdrop?

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