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  1. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel


    (DOWNLOAD old version)
    New Update! DOWNLOAD
    Model H tools
    Requested by: Npatterson10
    • Adds a new set of armor crafted at a hell-forge with 20 hellstone
    • Adds a new sword that is WIP and will have a recipe soon That is crafted with 20 Hellstone at a Hellforge
    • In the new update there is now a more powerful version of the sword crafted with the H-saber and some gems.
    • In the new update the helmet acts as a cobalt shield and a depth meter
    • In the new update the leggings eliminate knockback
    • In the new update the chest plate gives lava immunity.
    • And adds a typo to the leggings because I meant to type Fall damage not knockback
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    Requested by: Jordan Cheah
    This is a simple mod that adds:
    • an overpowered actually it eats ammo to fast to be overpowered Handcannon that fires musket rounds
    • crafting: 20 Hellstone at a hellforge.
    Hey if you like my mods, don't forget to click like on the OP. If you don't like something about them, or the whole mod, then respectfully tell me and give me some constructive criticism.
  2. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    UPDATE: I just learned to code .CS files now you can request stuff like particle effects, and set bonus's.

    Waiting list: Nobody
  3. jordan cheah Cursed Skull

    Can you make Handcannon as well?
    you can make it with different Colour variables.
  4. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Sorry I haven't learned how to make a ranged weapon yet, but its going on the list.
    EDIT: I found a place to learn, in the meantime make a rough pixel art in paint or something so I know what it should look like.
  5. jordan cheah Cursed Skull

  6. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Oh a megaman fan are you, I think I can do that, other than changing the shot itself, megaman's arm cannon should be easy, but it wont look very good, it will be held like a rifle. sorry buddy.
  7. jordan cheah Cursed Skull

    that won't matter,i would hold that cannon and shoot the Wall of Flesh for an EPIC VICTORY!!!
    (yeah i'm a megaman fan,but i only like the original series.)
  8. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Ok if thats what you want, the Png will be done shortly and you can hold megamans hand XD so how about the speed and damage any tweeks you want?
  9. jordan cheah Cursed Skull

    it should have the speed of a minishark but does shit damage.
    and also have some special rounds(like explosive(possible?).)
  10. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Sure as for the minishark part, I dont know about explosives you can try after I'm done.
  11. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Sorry for the double post but this may take a while Tconfig is being a dick when I obviously have a PNG there......
  12. jordan cheah Cursed Skull

    take your time!Its Christmas after all...well at least for me,here in Malaysia
  13. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Sorry about that, I named the PNG hancannon instead of hanDcannon XD
  14. blasterman4 Slimed Zombie

    How about new blocks?
  15. Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    Why is the recipe always 20 hellstone? Since Megaman's handcannon is blue, maybe make it made of cobalt? Also the armor is green, so maybe mithril or hellstone and green dye? Lastly, the sword could be hellstone (or whatever material depending on it's stats) and amethyst since it's purple?

    Well, good luck advancing you're modding skills!
  16. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    SHHHHHHHHH its actually zero's gun from megaman zero now. And I just made it hellstone because its the first item I learned to make. sides Biometal's origin came from hellstone..... and the essence of a fallen warrior.
    But you did make a pretty good point, and I'm going to make more realistic recipes in the future.
    Well.... no but I could learn that pretty quickly, I do have the internet ya know. Why do you want one?
  17. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    I guess no one here ever noticed my mod actually have hand cannons, same goes for the Metroid modpack on a more extended way I guess.
  18. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Well he wanted something more Megaman like so I gave him what he wanted. But I guess some info never hurts.
  19. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Bump. Major update though I have some huge free time. if you want to request a big mod tell me.
  20. deend Lava Slime

    Make a mod about a mods modded mod in terraria.

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