NPC [NPC] Army commander,able to recruit some soliders?

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by Dex00r, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Dex00r Bunny

    The commander would be awesome because you don't have to fight by yourself all the time?
  2. thisonenick3 Bunny

    There would need to be a limit of the soldiers so you dont just have a entir army fight your battles then it loses its point a little maybe like 5 soldiers not to strong either they shouldn't be able to defeat chutulu by themselfs but maybe strong enough to help 300-500 hp
  3. thisonenick3 Bunny

    Actually a better idea then having a set armour might be if you have to give each one their own armor both the decorative type and regular armor just like when equipping yourself the weapon by default would be a copper sword you could give them any type of sword. once they die tho they lose all the stuff you had equipped to them you could give them potions and set when they should use the potions like right away or not till close to dead
  4. Dex00r Bunny

    yeah..that is my point! but it is not a good is a big disappointment that there will be no more PC version

  5. thisonenick3 Bunny

    well there are modders so maybe you can get one of the to make that idea
  6. FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    Stop Everything! I need moar info.
  7. thisonenick3 Bunny

    I'm guessing he wants somthing Where you have a NPC that you can buy contracts for soldiers that would either defend you or the location you spawned them maybe follow you but then they would get stuck probably
  8. FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    I had that idea. . . but I guess alot of people have.
  9. thisonenick3 Bunny

  10. Dex00r Bunny

    :p I but many mods contain some great ideas... :p

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