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  1. Necro Nomicon

    Necro Nomicon Angel Statue

    I was thinking of a golem with different kinds of element or a golem army that drops NEWB, COOL, LAME, AWESOME, WIERD Loots for Hardcore or the Lessercore

    If you didn't liked the first suggestion Pls read the other one below

    Another one is the Grave Biome with undead monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Ghost, Spirit and other. If you like to appear ONLY in Halloween month only then its the Viewers CHOICE.

    Feel Free To Vote on what is on your mind :)

  2. metalsynkk

    metalsynkk Bunny

    If you can actually get a couple of people together to make a grave biome and seamlessly integrate that into the terrain generator that is already present, I would be one of the first to try that ^^. Not that Terraria doesn't offer enough mobs and drops, but some awesome content in between would definitely expand the gameplay a little more. I've gotten Hallowed in 10-15 hours of play, and farmed the 3 hardmode bosses 25 to 50 at a time, and well, then you kinda have nothing else to defeat.

    Unfortunately, despite the fact I would love and try to contribute to the mod, I don't think that I would be any good atm since I can't sprite, code nor is my imagination that large >>; I could try spriting tho, finally an idea that could make me do something.
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