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  1. thetravis0916

    thetravis0916 Green Slime

    Im looking for cool custom designs for my NPC's Houses. Designs that are have stuff related to that NPC like walls or furniture in there house. Something like bookcases for the guide or gold wall for merchant.
  2. Anorthia

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  3. Michael Angelos

    Michael Angelos Green Slime

    it's just thinking where would they feel like home :3
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  4. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    While I certainly don't condone smoking in that demolitions house, one dropped cig would end horribly. Really good first builds, keep it up!
  5. 2t3ve

    2t3ve The Groom

    Or Dryad Could Have a Green House (Heh, Heh see what i mean because shes basically a plant)

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