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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Oshi7, May 22, 2011.

  1. Oshi7

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    I love the NPCs in this game, but I felt like having a set number, although awesome, was a bit limiting and could be expanded on. I'd love to see a bunch of random NPCs move in, who don't really do anything, just live there. Maybe have a population requirement for certain shoppable NPC's to move in, such as a merchant or nurse.

    At some point I'd love to see wear and tear on armour and weapons, which would require a Black Smith or Weapon Smith to repair these items for you and more complicated things, such as raw resources turned into bars and created into tools, weapons and armour etc. require such NPCs.

    Not only does this fill out your town a bit more (adding flavour), but adds to the game in my opinion. Although I know some people will be against not being able to craft things on the fly whenever they want, I suggest that a Black Smith could create items, at a price, with less raw materials than needed if you do it yourself. This way, people can still craft quickly, but if they do it efficiently they would want to use an NPC.

    I also had some other ideas that I thought could be interesting. Right now NPCs require generic rooms to spawn, with some other requirement, but generally the room will do. I'd like to see specific rooms needed for certain NPC's to spawn.

    Merchant needs a room with 2 chests inside to spawn. Black Smith requires an Anvil. Nurse needs a room with two beds, etc. But for other NPC's, I was thinking...

    House of Worship
    This is basically where the holy people will come. Items can be added that will let the game know this is a 'Church' or whatever it will be named, such as a podium, benches and a cross for example.

    Provides potions that give the player small buffs for a small donation.

    House of worship needs 2 Monks before Priest arrives. Can bless melee weapons and armour for extra buff at a cost of gold. Buffs only last 24 hours.

    Tribal Land
    This shall be where the tribal people of Terraria live. There appearance may be savage but their wisdom is boundless. They require land that is away from the 'white man' (lol). I have no idea how this would work, honestly. Maybe you have to make a tribute to the land and they'll appear on their own, or you need to build tipi for them.

    Provides potions that temporarily improve movement, such as speed and jump height.

    Tribal land needs 2 Warriors for a Shaman to appear. Can bless ranged weapons and armour for extra buff at a cost of gold. Buffs only last 24 hours.

    Maybe at some point in the future, guilds could start popping up. Also I'd love to see smaller NPC towns spawn randomly (and rarely) throughout the world, all with slightly different items you could buy. Maybe if you join the merchants guild, you can see which merchants from which towns buy certain precious jewels at which prices, so you can sell to the right people.

    I'd love to see this. Would give the game more lasting power. Right now its very static, you don't stand to lose much if you die and whatever money you do lose isn't that important because you have all the best gear. But when you need someone to repair it, or buffs to fight that X boss from the Shaman, money suddenly becomes important.

    Of course, these ideas are just stuff I thought up off the top of my head. If you have better ones, reply!
  2. CreeperSlime

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    Workshop a building where if it is to be a workshop it has to contain 5 benches and two furnaces and a few chests. Those who work here will be artisans creating splendid potteries and works, they will be three or four of them, and housing will be required.

    Barracks and Armory... a building that will require 3 chests and a bunch of beds. For every 60 silver you have a guard will move in with weapons. For welathy players, a whole guard force could be formed.

    Tax Office... a building which will require a table, 6 chests, and a chair. Here will house the tax collecter, a man in a dark cloak that is really a normal tax collecter. Artisans, guards, and the original NPC's will have to pay a small or large tax.

    Treasury... a building which will require 10 chests and 10 tables. If you have a tax collecter, you can put his coins that he collected into the city treasury. People will come to work here, and live in your city.
  3. Oshi7

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    Perhaps even with the Nurses (where 2 beds are required in a room for a nurse), adding another 2 beds it causes a Doctor to spawn, who can provide health buffs and immunity against poison, such as if a snake or scorpion is ever added to desert biomes. It would make sense that they would sell health potions as well, but leave the lesser healing potion with the Merchant.
  4. Necrolance

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    We need a warehouse NPC, to add extra PERSONAL storage at a larger scale, more so than the piggy bank. And we need a NPC that will repair/finish a damaged building. You'd have to supply it with the materials, though.

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