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Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by Dtxtream, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Dtxtream

    Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

    I think it would be cool if NPC'S will use their brain when they get hit by an enemy, for example:
    Enemy hits arms dealer: he starts shooting at it with a flintlock pistol
    Enemy hits demolitionist: he starts throwing grenades at it (at a slow speed)
    Enemy hits wizard: he starts casting waterbolts at it
    I'm not sure what the rest of the NPCS would do. Maybe the mechanic would swing her wrench at the enemy?
  2. subbelowzero

    subbelowzero Green Slime

    This would be awesome. I always hated it how the arms dealer would run away when hit. even though he has a infinite amount of minisharks and bullets.
    Other ideas

    Guide:Iron broadsword
    Merchant:Iron short sword
    Goblin tinkerer: Uses spiky balls.
    Dryad: Throws dirt (Lol)
    Nurse:would run away And heal Injured NPCS
    Clothier:Turns into skeletron (Just kidding)
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  3. FireballJoe

    FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    Mechanic runs to Goblin Tinkerer for protection.
    Guide opens door for other enemies.
    Dryad instantly transforms into a sapling.
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  4. factoryman942

    factoryman942 Squirrel

    Clothier: throws red hats
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  5. saikou

    saikou Blazing Wheel

    Mechanic:Flips a switch and a boulder falls on a mob
    Goblin tinkerer:Flys to safety on rocket boots
  6. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Devourer

    Guide:Runs at you,and start an annoying dialogue,saying that monsters are attacking your base,and does not let you do anything else until you not close the conversation,or dies.
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  7. ShadowGirlRachel

    ShadowGirlRachel Green Slime

    They could at least learn to stay inside when the world is full of goblins.
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  8. Dex00r

    Dex00r Bunny

    This would be awesome,if it would be for pc :( anyways..
    -Dryad:Uses vile thorn :D and ivy whip
    Other ones are just too awesome :D
  9. DiamondDovah

    DiamondDovah Umbrella Slime

    Actually, what if the Clothier used whatever weapon you used to kill Skeletron with your final hit?
  10. PsiPwnage11

    PsiPwnage11 Mouse

    Clothier uses a bone. :D
  11. Dtxtream

    Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

    What if you kill Skeletron with an overpowered weapon then?
  12. PsiPwnage11

    PsiPwnage11 Mouse

    What if you kill it with an Unreal Megashark? Then the Clothier would be your sidekick against Skeletron Prime
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  13. DiamondDovah

    DiamondDovah Umbrella Slime

  14. Corporal Dogmeat

    Corporal Dogmeat Slimed Zombie

    Yes! Yes! Please do this! I've thought the same thing at least about the gun dealer. Here he is, armed to the teeth, and he moseys away harmlessly when he gets hit by enemies. He even tells you not to "touch his gun". Why not touch his gun? He obviously doesn't use it!
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  15. Khaotikk Skelly

    Khaotikk Skelly Yellow Slime

    Yeah, I've always thought of this before. Demoguy gets hit by ZOMBIE, he runs away in fear, while having an unlimited stock of grenades.

    That one hit kills the zombie.
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