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    Well, what is a "No use"-NPC? It's a NPC that has no use! Simple as that!

    But why we need "No use"-NPC's? Because it is way more fun this way!

    Ever wanted to build a huge city in Terraria? Ou did you already build a huge city? And then you realized it feels like a DEAD city? Yes, that really sucks...

    So i was thinking about adding "No use"-NPC's would make those cities much more lively! For example:

    You build a small house on the surface, mainly out of wood and no special furnitures, then a normal citizen appear. But when you build a big house with all kind of expensive stuff (golden candleirs and more), a noble citizen will move in. If you build little houses under the surface, a miner may move in and if you build houses in the corrupted areas, cursed/sick people will live their. In the underground jungle elves would move in and at the hell... i dont know, maybe human demons (appearence like humans, tail and horns, like a devil or succubus/incubus).

    If the developers want, they can add a function for those NPC's. A woodcutter or miner may search for resources for you (and sell them of course). An alchemist would search for all kind of mushrooms and other ingredients, a woodcutter wood of course and a miner for all kind of ores. But thats just another idea. :D

    The "No use"-NPC's would of course speak with you if you talk to them. They would tell you very funny things, maybe even complete jokes or give you inside infos (like "It's said that in 2 day a blood moon will rise" or "Becareful, XY Monster/Boss is on the way to this island).

    NPC's may drop certain items upon death, not just the clothier.

    So what do you think about it? :D


    I start adding all NPC ideas from every user. Don't hold back, even the most useless/worst NPC may be worth to be mentioned because every NPC makes our world more lively!

    NPC ideas:

    - A Family (four or five npcs that live together)
    - Ace ("Gee... Glee is really good, how good are you at the game?")
    - Ace Nightfire. ("You got a idea for this suggestion? Lemme write it down..." This was not my idea, lol)
    - Agent Smith (appearance like from the first Matrix "Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting?" "I know you're really Neo in disguise..." "Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and I am the cure.")
    - Alchemist
    - Archaeologist
    - Archer
    - Art critic. ("Would you look at that, it isn't even slightly artistic. I'm going to go have a chat with that slime...")
    - Artist
    - Assassin (hire him to kill any npc, useful if you dont have the voodoo doll)
    - Astronomer (tells the player when the blood moon will occur in the next days)
    - Athlete
    - awkward clown (he just stands there, being awkward)
    - Baker
    - Barbarian ("What is best in Life?" / "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.")
    - Beastmaster
    - Bicycle Repair Man ("Seen any bicycles? I can repair them for you.")
    - Black-Market-Merchant
    - Black Knight (Armless, legless and hops along the floor)
    - Blacksmith
    - Blue ("Can't you see I'm busy brainstorming here?!")
    - Boastful Man (Everytime you get an item he claims to have one tier higher item of the same type. Example: "Oh, you have an orange tier item? Well, I have a RED tier item, hahaha!")
    - Bob (just an avarage guy who becomes a wereserval at night)
    - Boss (does and says many things, but BOSS-LIKE! "Hey, *player name*, I need a report on the Terraria stock exchange! And I need it on my desk yesterday! In rhyming couplets!", "I hired the burning man, but he set fire to my suit, so I fired him. And then changed my mind and hired him. And then fired him again.", "YOU'RE FIRED!!")
    - Brony
    - Builder ("Why are you breaking the union laws? You are supposed to hire me for building stuff.")
    - Butler (his hitclips have to be a snobby old chap)
    - Cannibal (may try to eat you if you talk to him)
    - Carpenter
    - Chef ("How would you like ze waffle today?")
    - Child (may ell teddies and soft toy repair kits)
    - Chinese Man (who says "NI HAO MA!")
    - Chocolate merchant (Buy some chocolate! Or i'll kill you!)
    - Chuck Norris (everytime you speak to him a kick animation comes to your character and pushes you 5 blocks backwards)
    - Corndog Vendor
    - Cow ("Moo")
    - Crazy old cat lady (also add cats that follow her)
    - Crocodile Hunter ("THIS is a Knife!")
    - Cultist ("He mutters under his breath. You really don't want to hear what he is saying.")
    - Cursed People (maybe used to re-summon Skeletron)
    - Dancer
    - Deep sea explorer. (Only at close proximity to the sea "Sharks are wonderful creatures. One nearly said hello to me. Then you killed it.")
    - Doctor (Does not do anything excepts asks you to take weird prescriptions to the nurse.)
    - Doorkeeper (Guy who stands at the entrance of your own building. When you walk past him, he waves at you)
    - Dovahkiin
    - Dragon (Big sprite that takes over your vault and won't move away. Maybe move him to the background)
    - Duck (say "GACK GACK")
    - Dude in green armor ("He really doesn't look like the talkative type, maybe you should not bother him?")
    - Duke ("I got billiard balls made of steel. Makes for a fun games.")
    - Dwarves (greets with "LALI HO" and talk much about ore and other expensive stuff, badmouthing elves and about hunting sessions)
    - Eater of Words ("Got a book? I'm feeling rather peckish!" Pun intended)
    - Emo Steve (Yes, i support him!)
    - Expedition. (Five-four NPCs doing an expedition to Jungle)
    - Fanboy (will follow you until you he dies by monsters/lava/water [he can't swim], he got 30HP)
    - Farmer (lives on flat surface with no trees around in a wood house)
    - Fisherman
    - Flower merchant ("Hello dearie, how about a flower to pruce up the place?" Might even sell clay pots.)
    - Frog ("Kiss me! ... please?")
    - Gamer. ("Played this game called Terraria once, Really good. It had pretty much everything.")
    - Geologist (Was this in the OP already? Too many to keep track of. Keeps moving around and hitting the ground with pickaxe. ((Does not destroy blocks)) "Gold! There is gold around here! What do you mean "exactly where?" that's your job!")
    - Ghosts (appear only after 12 o'clock in midnight and try to scare you, but actually they look pretty laughable)
    - Giant (requires a BIG house)
    - Guardsman (just stands around and welcomes people in the town. Maybe defends town from Zombies etc.)
    - Gun enthusiast ("Just bought an musket. Wanna see it? It has custom rifling and steel accents. It's totally awesome.")
    - Hal 9000 ("How are you today Dave? You want me to open the door? I'm afraid i can't do that Dave. Seeing as i'm just an computer." He's is an computer.)
    - Halflings (talk about foodstuffs, beverages and music, can give out food-recipe)
    - Heavy ("Some people can outsmart me. I have yet to meet someone who can outsmart a bullet.")
    - Hermit (lives far away from the civilization completly alone and always closes the door when you leave because he seeks a peaceful and quiet place. "I moved in here to get away from people, you know? What do I need to do for some peace and quiet?")
    - Hippie. (Every game needs one. :b)
    - Homeless Man (if you give him money he might do stuff for you in return)
    - Humanoid Demons (lives in hell)
    - Idiot (runs around and opens doors, when killed it takes 10 ingame days for him to return)
    - Insurance salesman ("Got some Meteorite and Act of Supernatural Insurances here, intrested? What do you mean two copper is not enough if it happens? You have any idea how often that happens?" And "What do you mean you don't need a fire insurance? Oh, right.")
    - Inventor
    - Invisible Man ("Man who cannot be seen.")
    - IT-support person (Beardy dude who never comes above ground. And talks in C++.)
    - Joker
    - Jungle Elves (lives in the jungle)
    - King (comes when you defeated the goblin army for the first time. Needs a throne in his room)
    - Knight (who says "Ni!")
    - Librarian ("It's nice to have so many books from the Dungeon. But why can't you place them Alphabetically?" Spawns when enough books are placed.)
    - Lord/Lady (Spawns when you have enough Moolah. "Ugh, so dreadfully nonchalant these Stone walls. Be a dear and install some Gold walls, won't you?"/"Shot a slime for myself last night, bloody bugger did not stay on the trophy mount. You there, my good man, fetch some help!")
    - Man who lives in an hole in the ground. (... I got nothing.)
    - Mario (Like Super Mario, but Plumber may be better to avoid copyright issues *g*)
    - Masky ("See you. Always". Causes the screen to distort slightly.)
    - Mayor
    - Medic (may heal certain players for free if they fullfill some requirements.)
    - Metal finder man ("Found a Murasama today. Again. Why is it always Murasama? I want a bucket. Oh, you want it? Damn, sorry, threw it into dungeon earlier today. Maybe it's still there?" And maybe something similiar for every end class equipment.)
    - Meteorologist (Tells you the weather, with 50% accuracy.)
    - Miner (lives underground)
    - Minions ("Have you seen our lord?")
    - Missing Number ("I'm an error!")
    - Moderator ("Don't look at me like that. Okay, you just got an infraction.")
    - Monk (could help to de-corrupt the corruption)
    - Monster hunter ("You got any spare monster parts? I need them for my armor.")
    - Musician (Plays viola + all other instruments, except violin. Going into his room will commence a different soundtrack)
    - Mr. Paperclip (says annoying things like "Hello, can I help you?" "It looks like you're playing a videogame. Can I delete your save file?")
    - Mysterious Man. (Only appears at night. "...")
    - Neanderthal ("Grunt!")
    - Ninja (disappears everytime you fight with the King slime and shows up after you defeat him. He tries to kill him but he loses everytime. Gives lame excuses)
    - Noble citizen (lives in noble houses with silver/gold candleirs and good bricks/walls)
    - NPC ("I'm the one they never bothered to name. Have you -TEXT MISSING-")
    - Nuclear Physicist ("Have you seen a case that says "U-238" anywhere? No. Oh, nevermind then.")
    - Officer ("Stop right there, criminal scum! You violated the law-...What do you mean this line has already been taken by another game?")
    - Old Man. (Every line begins with: "When i was young...")
    - Optimist ("have a good day" or "It's a beautiful day today!")
    - Outlaw
    - Owl (like the orcarina of time owl he is there to give you useless advice in long winded speechs"Hoot Hoot hello there adventurer how are you did you know that you can find gold underground?")
    - Paper Boy (hands out newspapers to you and the npcs, which maybe gives give information about bloodmoon and hidden treasure?)
    - Peasant Guy (always complaints about how bad he smells)
    - Philosopher ("Ever wondered where you came from? Oh, right, amnesia.")
    - Pie ("Don't even THINK about eating me, young man!"
    - Pirates (randomly lands on island, you have to raid his ship to find the treasure on board "Arr!")
    - Player ("num num num")
    - Politician ("I got a speech here. Hey! Where are you going! It's really good! It has bunnies!")
    - Priest (could help to de-corrupt the corruption)
    - Professor
    - Radio Technician ("You think that mountain is the best place to put it?" and "Guide just told me there are floating islands, that puts a crimp on the coverage...")
    - Random Sign ("This was placed here by the Mysterious Sign Guy! Fear!")
    - Rat Farmer
    - Realtor (moves the npcs into their house)
    - Redigit (or simply 'Red'. "I introduced bunnies to this land!")
    - Ricky the Wizard (falls randomly down from the sky besides you and dies a painfully death)
    - Ringmaster
    - Rockstar ("I'm so awesome i can make stars fall with my music. Don't believe me? Go out at night.")
    - Salesman (follows you trying to sell you useless things)
    - Savvy business man ("I can get you a really good deal on that gold there. Three copper per ore. And that's cutting me own throat, that is.")
    - Scared Guard (stands at a place where you want him to be and when and when enemies come to close, he runs away and comes back when area is secured)
    - Scientist
    - Scout ("Yo, wassup?")
    - Shady Dude (appears at late night outside but close to houses and tries to sell goodies to you)
    - Siren ("The loots be mine!" "Aww, did that hurt?")
    - Skeletton (carries a sign with him. "Save the Skeletons! Stop this senseless slaughter!", "Why does everyone always try to kill me? I'm a nice guy... ", "Some people are really speciesist towards Skeletons.", "What have I done? Nothing! But people STILL try to butcher me!")
    - Slenderman (Big thin guy, faceless, has long arms and wears a business suit. When not on screen Slenderman will teleport to a random place above 0ft on the map. Causes the screen to distort slightly "...")
    - Slime (talks)
    - Smith
    - Solid Snake (You can't find him. TY Rampage. :p )
    - Southpark guys (Just standing next to an "Stop" sign.)
    - Soviet ("In soviet Terraria, Ore mines you!", "In soviet terraria, Bunny hunt you!" or "For mother Terraria!)
    - Spaceman ("I love Space! Space! I want to go to Space! Let's go to Space!" / "SPAAAAAAACE!")
    - Spanish Inquisition. (Because you did not expect them. 3 doods.)
    - Spy ("I'll be right behind you...")
    - Standard citizen (lives in normal houses made of wood)
    - Sunny-D Bottle (Only at day. Jumps like 20 feet in the air every time like a stupid bastard.)
    - Tarzan (swings on vines)
    - Talking Skull
    - Teacher
    - Thief (extremly fast and steals tier 1 items from your inventorym if you catch him you'll get your item back)
    - Tin Bucket" (like R2D2)
    - Tiy ("Hmm... A touch of red there... No, no! Damnit!")
    - Todd ("sorry, but your dark lance is in another castle!")
    - Tool merchant ("I have big shipment coming in tomorrow! I'm so hyped!" And the next day; "Looks like the shipment was sunk by meteorite, what are the chances of that?" Does not sell anything, Second line changes around.)
    - Treeherder ("Fwat! Trees needing herdin'! Outta te way!" Yeah...)
    - Tribesman (Appears in jungle. "What... you... want?")
    - Troll ("You just lost the game")
    - Turret ("Are you still there.....?")
    - Walking Encyclopedia. ("Did you know there are more species of insects than there are humans?" And other tidbit's like that.)
    - WiFi Girl (Girl looking for Wi-Fi connection. ("Don''t bother me i think i got it. No, bugger... Move, you are in the best spot, i know it.")
    - Woodcutter (lives in wood houses close to some trees)
    - Zombie ("Why does everyone try to kill me? It's not my fault you get hurt when I try to hug you!" or "You killed my family last night! They were coming for a visit and you... you just butchered them!"(After a blood moon))
    - Zombie Slayer (Hire him to kill zombies)

    Here is a list on "how to get some of those NPC's":
    Show Spoiler

    A Family: House that has a bed, a furnace, a table, and two chairs.
    Ace Nightfire: Get a No-Use NPC to live in your town.
    Agent Smith: (???Perhaps if you use a computer???)
    Alchemist: Room with an alchemy table and workbench. (or alchemy workbench)
    Archaeologist: Find a fossil in clay or mud.
    Archer: Have a high-tier bow & high-tier arrows.
    Art Critic: Have an artist.
    Artist: (???)
    Assassin: Make poisoned throwing knives.
    Astronomer: Make a telescope and have a room with a telescope in it. (telescope is 30 copper/silver/gold and 5 lenses)
    Athlete: Have a parkour setup somewhere? Be impossible to know that though... "You call that a challenge!?!"
    Awkward Clown: Find a Shiny Red Balloon!
    Baker: Have an alchemy garden.
    Barbarian: Have a War Axe.
    Beastmaster: Tame an animal. (Make it a pet.)
    Bicycle Repair Man: Find a flat tire. (Just because I felt like it.)
    Black Market Merchant: Buy Illegal Gun Parts from the Arms Dealer.
    Black Knight: Defeat the Black Knight (mini-boss)
    Blacksmith: Craft an item on an anvil out of every metal. (Copper, Silver, Gold, Demonite, Shadow, Molten)
    Blue: Defeat a Bug (mini-boss)
    Boastful Man: Create a Tavern. (Barrels, chairs, tables, bottles.)
    Bob: Have a Boss. "What about me?"
    Boss: (???)
    Brony: Have every colored slime on screen at once. (Besides black, lava, and mother.)
    Builder: Have over 15 or 20 rooms that qualify as homes.
    Burning Man: Start a forest fire.
    Cannibal: Have a lot of Rotten Chunks.
    Carpenter: Have 20 or 30 rooms that qualify as homes.
    Chef: Cook food.
    Child: Have a bunny in your house.
    Chinese Man: Find a Chinese Take-Out box.
    Chocolate Merchant: Find a bar/box of chocolate.
    Chuck Norris: Defeat Bruce Lee (boss)
    Corndog Vendor: Find a Half-Eaten Corn Dog.
    Cow: Have a room that has grass on its floor.
    Crazy Old Cat Lady: Find a Lost Kitten. Tooltip: "Who can resist a face like that?"
    Crocodile Hunter: Kill a Giant Manta Ray (mini-boss)
    Cultist: Have a room with books on platforms.
    Cursed People: Defeat Skeletron. (They want you to free them from their curse as well.)
    Dancer: Find a Fluffy Pink Tutu.
    Deep Sea Explorer: Have a room that qualifies as a home under the ocean.
    Doctor: Find an Empty Pill Bottle.
    Dragon: Have a room with every type of chest in it. Doesn't even need to be a home.
    Dude in Green Armor: Find cobalt armor. (They are thinking about putting it back in right?)
    Duke: Defeat a Pig-Cop. (Correct me if I'm wrong. Is this Duke Nukem?)
    Eater of Words: Have a library. (Room with over 100 books placed.)
    Emo Steve: Have every Merchant-Type NPC. Oh, don't forget the Guide.
    Expedition: Kill 20 Man-Eaters. "Thanks for helping us out there, but we could have handled it ourselves."
    Fanboy: Gain a certain amount of Fame/Reputation. (This would be great for NPCs)
    Fisherman: Catch a fish!
    Flower Merchant. Have flowers growing in pots.
    Frog: He's just there.
    Gamer: Defeat the Glitch (boss)
    Geologist: Find an ore deposite under your town.
    Ghosts: Have gravestones in place. (they'll spawn around the gravestones)
    Giant: Have a house that is over four blocks high. "How'd you even get in there? I don't know!"
    Guardsman: Build a barracks.
    Gun Enthusiast: Have one of every gun-type weapon.
    Hal 9000: Open 9000 doors. :p
    Heavy: Make a star cannon.
    Hermit: Lives in a wood house in the outer thirds of the map.
    Hippie: Have a full stack of Glowing Mushrooms.
    Homeless Man: Find a cardboard box.
    Humanoid Demons: Have a house in hell. Have every molten item. "What the Hell did you do that for?!?" :D
    Idiot: Find a Soda Hat. :p
    Insurance Salesman: Have at least three meteors land on your island.
    Inventor: Find a Misplaced Toolbox.
    Invisible Man: He was always there. You just couldn't see him. :D (After he moves into a house you can see the stuff behind him shimmer and you can talk to him.)
    IT Support Person: Defeat both The Glitch and The Bug.
    Joker: Find a Pack of Marked Cards
    Jungle Elves: Kill 100 Man-Eaters. House in the Jungle.
    Knight: Find and place a Shrubbery!
    Librarian: Build a Great Library. (Room with 200 books placed)
    Man who lives in a hole in the ground: Have a room made out of dirt in the underground. (Dirt layer, not stone.)
    Mario: Find the full Plumber Suit.
    Mayor (comes if you have a certain number of villagers)
    Metal Finder Man: Find a Metal Detector.
    Meteorologist: Have a room made out of glass.
    Miner: Have a house in the Deep Underground. (Stone Layer.)
    Minions: Find a Minion Hive. Have a room that has the hive placed in it as well as the standard stuff. The sprite would be a bunch of them but you would talk to them as a whole.
    Moderator: Catch a Hacker.
    Monk: Build a Monastary. (House with books, gold bricks, and other monk-like stuff.) I assume these are Christian monks.
    Monster Hunter: Kill 100 of each low-tier enemy. (Zombies and Lower-Level Slimes)
    Musician: Find an instrument. For each new instrument you give him you'll have a different track that could play.
    Mr. Paperclip: Find Old Word Processing Software.
    Mysterious Man: Find a Black Mask (vanity item)
    Neanderthal: Kill a Wooly Mammoth.
    Ninja: Defeat the King Slime.
    NPC: Find an Expansion Pack (item)
    Nuclear Physicist: Find a Radioactive Isotope.
    Officer: Have a Guardsman.
    Old Man: Find an Old Scrap Book.
    Optimist: Find a Half-Full Jug of Water.
    Outlaw: Find a Broken Law. :p (Just bacause I felt like it.)
    Owl: Just appears randomly in trees around the world.
    Paper Boy: Find a Printing Press.
    Peasant Guy: Have a full stack of mud blocks.
    Philosopher: Find a Questionable Hypothesis.
    Pie: Find a Tasty Treat!
    Pirates: Random event. Their ship will land in the ocean and you go and raid it. "You see a black flag coming over the *eastern/western* horizon..." and when they arrive "It's the Jolly Roger! The pirates are coming!"
    Player: (???)
    Politician (I think his name should be Bill): Find a Bill.
    Priest: Build a church. (Kinda like a monastary)
    Professor: Find a College Lecture.
    Radio Technician: Find a Radio Setup Kit
    Random Sign: They get placed all over the map.
    Rat Farmer: Find a Piece of Moldy Cheese.
    Realtor: Meet the conditions for spawning a No-Use NPC.
    Redigit: Defeat The Bug more than once.
    Ricky The Wizard: Find a Malfunctioning Flight Spell.
    Ringmaster: Tame an animal. (Change the Beastmaster to tame ten animals.)
    Rockstar: Have a full stack of Stars.
    Salesman: Find ten useless items.
    Savvy Businessman: Buy an item that costs 1 platinum or more.
    Scientist: Room with an alchemy workbench and Hellforge.
    Scout: Find a Cameo Appearance.
    Shady Dude: Find a Black Trench Coat.
    Siren: Find a Warp in Reality (from her lines I assume this is the one from Borderlands)
    Skeletton: Find an Ancient Sarcophagus.
    Slime: Have a full stack of gel.
    Smith: Haven't we already had this (see Blacksmith)
    Solid Snake: Find a Disabled Time Bomb.
    Southpark Guys: They spawn around the Random Signs
    Soviet: Find an AK-47. (Yeah, they're Russian guns people.)
    Spaceman: Find a Failed Cryogenics Experiment.
    Spanish Inquisition: Just when you start to get comfortable... (When you get an End-Tier Item)
    Spy: Find a Butterfly Knife.
    Standard Citizen: Will spawn in wooden houses after you get all merchant-type NPCs.
    Sunny-D Bottle: Drink Orange Juice while wearing the Sunglasses.
    Tarzan: Have a full suit of Jungle Armor
    Talking Skull: Buy a Strange Skull from the Shady Dude! The Skull could also give you a quest to reunite it with the rest of its body!
    Teacher: Have the Children and the Family in your town.
    Thief: Have the Shady Dude in your town. The Shady Dude is the Thief's fence.
    Tin Bucket: Find a Hologram. :p
    Tiy: Have the NPC in your town. (Maybe getting Tiy could allow you to have texture packs?)
    Todd: (???)
    Tool Merchant: Find a Washed-up Crate (on the ocean)
    Tree Herder: Plant a bunch of trees really close to each other.
    Tribesman: Random spawn that you meet in the jungle.
    Turret: Find a Weighted Companion Cube! :D
    Walking Encyclopedia: Found in the Dungeon on Bookshelves. It's like Water bolt but once you find it it turns into an NPC.
    WiFi Girl: Find an Internet Cafe. Just a random building in the middle of nowhere.
    Woodcutter: Lives next to the Tree Herder. They fight a lot...
    Zombie: Equip five shackles at once.
    Zombie Slayer: Have the Zombie NPC. "You want me to take him out boss?"

    A great addition to my idea is the following suggestion by petelectro:

    I highly recommend to read his thread too because it would perfectly harmonize with my idea! :D

    Special thanks to: Noras, 1xhans1, Freedom's Flame, Zephii, omnissiah, boto3798, JPSimms, 11clock, Rampage, Cthulhu-Pony, petelectro, knockoutz, Goddzilla,oblivious12123, Sean Dominique, stealthfighterx, Michaelasds, Haunt, Da Bomb,ThunderBones, Keyofdoor, Marsgreekgod, Iblob, Dauziklis, Percival, ZirixZero, iSoHurt, whitefoxboy, Holyfish, Spinfx, Nerdea51, robly18, boto3798,

    Another good idea made by Freedom's Flame:
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    Well yea. But i think some ideas should have their own thread because of the major importance they have. Those NPC's are (in my opinion) really important to raise the motivation to build more then just one building. :)
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    I agree completely ;)
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    I think that the miner should be able to mine small tunnels, and then put what he mined in a chest in his house? Just adding a little use, but you can't interact with them, if you see away from them telling jokes etc.
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    I would like some villagers. I've build some more buildings than one ... and it's getting boring, if nobody use it exept myself. :(

    I like this idea. It would bring your home(town) to life. :) Does anybody know "Dragon Quest IV"? There you can build a town and get more "useless" NPC, but they bring your town to life. I would like something like this in Terraria. Maybe there could also be some with a little use (for example a Joker, a "Black-Market-Merchant" who sells unusual random things, a Ringmaster who gives some kind of mini-games, Dancers, a Beastmaster, a Talking Skull ("Murray" anyone?^^) and so on.

    Maybe you can make a list in here about possible NPC of this kind and add all new suggestions about them. Keep your thread updated for a better overview. :)
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    Sure, give me some ideas and i'll edit them in my first post! Started with the ideas you already brought! :D

    NPC ideas:

    - Standard citizen
    - Noble citizen
    - Jungle Elves
    - Humanoid Demons
    - Woodcutter
    - Miner
    - Emo Stephe (Yes, i support him!)
    - Joker
    - Black-Market-Merchant
    - Ringmaster
    - Dancer
    - Beastmaster
    - Talking Skull
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    Great! :D I'll let you know, if some more NPC-Ideas will come in my mind. ;)
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    What about a farmer npc too?
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  12. Ace Nightfire

    Ace Nightfire Eskimo Zombie

    May 26, 2011
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    Sounds really nice. Btw this would be a great NPC für my stranded mode (see in my signature). A farmer could do some harvest and you can buy food from him. Great idea! :D

    I put him on the list. ;)
  13. 1xhans1

    1xhans1 Green Slime

    Jun 1, 2011
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    Just what I thought. I have already read your stranded suggestion, and I like that one too :D
  14. Cthulhu-Pony

    Cthulhu-Pony Green Slime

    Jun 18, 2011
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    Knight that says "Ni!"
    Must have.
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  15. Ace Nightfire

    Ace Nightfire Eskimo Zombie

    May 26, 2011
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    Why "Ni!"? xD

    But I will put this NPC on the list xD
  16. Cthulhu-Pony

    Cthulhu-Pony Green Slime

    Jun 18, 2011
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    Umm... Just got generation gapped there. Ow. Sniff.
    Monthy Python Ref.
    While you are at it...
    "Man who cannot be seen."

    Edit: No no, Must be as written, not "invisible man", "Man who can't be seen" is the actual form of writing, IIRC. BTW.
  17. Ace Nightfire

    Ace Nightfire Eskimo Zombie

    May 26, 2011
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    Added Invisible Man! :p
  18. 1xhans1

    1xhans1 Green Slime

    Jun 1, 2011
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  19. Ace Nightfire

    Ace Nightfire Eskimo Zombie

    May 26, 2011
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  20. Zephii

    Zephii Green Slime

    Jun 27, 2011
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    Chinese Man Saying "NI HAO MA!" >:O
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