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    Hi, new here and I have a problem with the game.
    I'm playing Terraria with mods using Tconfig with my friend, I am the one hosting the server.
    First of all, when I open the server with our map there are errors about NPC (if they are even there, because sometimes they like to disappear), but that doesn't bother me much the errors are only when I start the server and not in-game.
    The main problem is "NPC Troll Error". when I open the game and play, after about 15 minutes it freezes, displaying an error every time I switch to viewing another program (Alt+Tab) for only about half a second and disappears (it's worth to mention that the game doesn't crash and I need to exit it using the Task Manager).
    This error sometimes showing itself to my friend too but he can just press "OK" and continue playing, I can not do it.
    I was able to capture the error and upload it so you could see what I'm talking about:

    If anyone know how to deal with it and can help, thanks in advance!
    Sorry if the thread is in the wrong place..

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