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Discussion in 'PC' started by theothersteve7, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. theothersteve7

    theothersteve7 Green Slime

    I've been having some difficulty lately with NPCs swapping houses, typically into my crafting area.

    Their current houses seem to be fine, but I believe something in my decorations is causing them to switch places. I decorated my Guide's house with chain lanterns, books, and a candle on the table, and he just teleported to my craft area. After removing the chair, he still stays there. Annoyingly he refuses to move back, even after I removed all decoration (sans chair and table) and put up a torch.

    I'm certain my walls are airtight, my dimensions are fine, and so on. I'm fairly experienced with this.

    I'm slowly arriving at the conclusion that either chain lanterns or books invalidate an NPC house. Does anyone have similar experiences? Moving NPCs is possibly the most frustrating thing in this game and it's really ruining the experience of building a base for me.
  2. th3squirr3l

    th3squirr3l Fire Imp

    Yeah, it can be frustrating at times...

    Which is why I think each NPC should have a specific item that you can place in a room to attract it there! It would just make things a little easier...
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  3. Interest

    Interest Green Slime

    I doubt either of them mess a room up by themselves. Did you perchance "renovate" the house in some other sort of way (rearrange blocks, accidentally break walls, etc)? Did you save and quit after trying to force them to "move out" of the new home or give it a day or 2 in Terraria so they can move (it takes a bit of time)?
  4. theothersteve7

    theothersteve7 Green Slime

    This happened to me once before after I added windows, so I was very picky this time. I literally did not have my pickaxe or hammer on my hotbar while I was decorating.

    The other thought I have is that it might be the wood platforms. Perhaps the NPCs treat those as walls for house purposes.
  5. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    NPCs treat Wood Platforms as Doors for house purposes.
  6. Interest

    Interest Green Slime

    They do now...?

    Excellent to know!
  7. a11111

    a11111 Green Slime

    My NPCs seem to have specific houses but the ones who are close to each other always walk into each others' rooms, and sometimes they walk around the rest of the house too.
  8. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    Here, a good example:


    I had the Merchant move into my freaking attic. Why? Because the game counts that Wood Platform as a door, even though the room has no real Door to speak of.
  9. Interest

    Interest Green Slime

    Cool. Nice house, by the way.
  10. Evil

    Evil Green Slime

    What a great idea!
  11. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    Yeah, too bad you can't see the Dryad hanging out in my bedroom in that screenie. She likes to wander off towards my Guard Tower on the left, but when she's not there, she's standing around by my bed. I wonder if she's trying to tell me something?
  12. Interest

    Interest Green Slime

    But she's 500 years old!
  13. FallingUpTheStairs

    FallingUpTheStairs Green Slime

    I would try breaking a little part of the wall in your crafting area, maybe the NPC will move out.
  14. theothersteve7

    theothersteve7 Green Slime

    That explains much. So I need a "house"-sized area that doesn't have platforms in it. I had been using them for shelving.
  15. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    I use Wood Platforms as shelving and staircases and ladders all the time. The thing is, if you want to use them in the ceiling or floor, they can't be the ENTIRE ceiling or floor: there must be Bricks or Blocks as well. See my screenshots here, you'll notice I'm using Platforms as "doors" to connect stories of my house, but it's okay since there's Obsidian Brick on both sides of every platform.

    Also, 500 years old or not...

  16. Casimir

    Casimir Squirrel

    I think they should just work on the NPC arrival system. Like, if there was a menu for arriving NPC's, "A Merchant is waiting to move into your town but needs house!", then you could build the house and mark it for him, and he could move in. Maybe you could set it so if you wanted more merchants, they would keep coming as long as you built houses for them. I would have so many clone NPC's in my world, then. haha
  17. Interest

    Interest Green Slime

    Heh. Good luck...

    Speaking of that, I need to make a better house...I've outlined my entire current one in Dungeon Bricks to make it indestructible from the outside (more or less) but need a truly indestructible house sooner or later. Maybe I'll move my storage somewhere or something.
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