NPCs won't spawn?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Night's Edge, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. Night's Edge

    Night's Edge Demon Eye

    So, I've created a world for the new 1.1 patch, and I've created a house. I've beat bosses, but the Dryad refuses to spawn. I have two houses that the "Housing Query" function says are up to standards. I also have no Demolisionist, despite the fact that I'm carrying explosives and have another house that is also perfectly fine.

    Screens up.
  2. Psychosis

    Psychosis Green Slime

    Are you sitting next to the house? NPC's cant spawn if you are sitting there waiting for them to spawn.
  3. Night's Edge

    Night's Edge Demon Eye

    I was away at the dungeon for quite some time looking for the Tinkerer and the Mechanic
  4. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    That's actually irrelevant. They will spawn, just not too close from their houses.
    I don't know what could be happening. Have you freed them? Have you defeated a Goblin Army and freed the Tinkerer?
    It's hard to tell, I can't see the flaw in there...
  5. Night's Edge

    Night's Edge Demon Eye

    I'm not to worried about the Tinkerer and the new NPCs until the others move in. I have freed a Mechanic though, who also has yet to show up. I'm really wanting my Demoman and Dryad. I would like to add that the Clothier has yet to show up. I have defeated Skeletron.
  6. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    Check if you have everything right:
    Min Size of house: 5x10 (on blocks.)
    Must have a Comfort of some type.
    Must have a Flat Surface of some type.
    Must have a Light source of some type. (Torch, Candle, Lamp-post etc.)
    Must have Wall (any PLACED Wall will work.)
    Must have a Door and incased with Blocks (can be any block From what someone has shown.)
    Each NPC has requirements, Make sure you've done the things that each NPC needs to move in.

    if you have all these, a NPC should move in.

    If you need help with some of the things needed for each NPC, Check the Terraria Online Wiki.
  7. TeenGogeta

    TeenGogeta Penguin

    I have every NPC but demolitionist and i had bomb's for ages. I had demolitionist before I made everything hallow but right now He's gone. Idk why lol.
  8. Night's Edge

    Night's Edge Demon Eye

    The Housing Query option says that the housing is perfectly fine, and is the same as the housing below it that NPCs are living in. I've confirmed that I have met requirements. Unless you can't move NPCs into higher elevations now, I can't think of anyreason why they won't move in.
  9. Mekashef

    Mekashef Green Slime

    With the music turned off, it's not always entirely obvious when Goblin raids happen; for this reason it is worth pointing out that raids prevent NPCs from spawning.
  10. JPSimms

    JPSimms Green Slime

    They're probably getting lunch. You should call them and ask them to get you something from McDonald's.
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  11. Trae?

    Trae? Green Slime

    That's true. I forgot I had left the Goblin Army wandering around without a care in the world and completely forgot to wipe them from existance. Suddenly a blood moon happens, along with a werewolf eating my guide and dryad. I posted a thread similar to yours about it, and someone reminded me about the goblins. I would definately look into that if I were you...
  12. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    Dat necro...
  13. Xion

    Xion Green Slime

    It's odd, but I think I found a fix. Rearrange the furniture. I had a series of alternating housing in an apartment-style structure for symmetry, and certain 'housing' was valid yet no NPCs would move into them. Even trying to move them there manually would not work. So I lined up the furniture to match the other usable rooms. Works.
  14. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    If all the houses are the same and you have npcs in them then it can't be this.

    But if you have decorated them differently then what Xion said can go into place.
    There is some glitches where it'll say the housing is suitable but if you try to move someone into it, it won't work.
  15. PNSAforce

    PNSAforce Demon Eye

    Try destroying the door, replacing it, and open it toward the outside of the room. This usually fixes my problems.
  16. I<3tehMinishark

    I<3tehMinishark Green Slime

    That worked for me, thanks mate!
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